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  • Morning Cup

    Around the Web This is the Morning Cup Edition of the Zen Garden Network. As I finish my half caff grande Soy Mocha, I’m contemplating

  • Morning Cup
    Morning Cup: The Sorrow and the Violence

    It just breaks my heart when people have to resort to violence and retaliation through more violence.

    The truth is, violence only perpetuates more of the same. but i believe that 99.9% of Americans have the capacity and the heart to come together.

  • workaholic

    I had a really great gig last night, working for Mychael Moaze and the Urban Gypsies. Myke and I go way back to playing gigs in the 1980s with a Top40 band called Sunburst.

  • money wall st
    What’s Up with Berkshire Hathaway’s Stock?

    With the latest news that surpassed Berkshire Hathaway in market value, it’s led me to believe that the stock hasn’t been doing all that great, year-to-date.

    Well, I confess to buying the stock at the wrong time.

    So here’s the latest chart.

  • Serene Sunday

    So, no doubt I’ve been getting back into numismatics, or coin collecting.

    And I’ve been collecting since I was in boy scouts during my pre-teen years. In fact, I’ve always loved collecting coins. Don’t know why.

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