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If I’m Supposed to Be Like This, What the Frack?

Well, it’s official. I’m not a financial genius, otherwise I’d be swimming in profits despite the downturns in the stock market this year.

As I sip my soy mocha at the local Starbucks Coffee Shop, I’m feeling a bit like a failure…

  • Morning Cup
    Morning Cup: We’re Trying to Rebound, Y’all…

    I’m sipping my morning cup at a local Starbucks, and the market is trying to make a comeback, overall.

    Albeit, a very small comeback.

    But my stock portfolio is up 104.32 points, so there’s hope.

  • stocks trading
    Stock Market Slapback: It’s Brutal I Tell Ya, Brutal!

    If I’m supposed to be like billionaire value investor Warren Buffett, I shouldn’t even be looking at the stock market on a daily basis.

    But here I sit in a Starbucks, sipping my soy mocha, and after the stock market rallied big time yesterday, it’s tumbling once again this morning!

  • Morning Cup
    It’s Getting Ugly Out There!

    he stock market is tanking this morning!

    The thing is, this is a good time to buy stocks at the lower prices, but… it could go lower on Monday, so don’t jump the gun. Well, that’s what I tell myself.

  • grouplove
    Grouplove: Welcome To Your Life

    I’ve been really getting into this group lately, an indie band from Los Angeles. The performed their new song, Welcome To Your Life, on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night.

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