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Gautama Buddha
Gentle Yoga: Most Underrated Style of Yoga

In the last several weeks I’ve been struggle with upper back pain somewhere between the shoulder blades.

I’ve been doing various things to remedy the backache, like applying Salonpas patches, taking an epsom salt bath,
various Yoga poses at home, and even massage.

  • Maybe Veganism is the True Spiritual Diet?

    Veganism feels like a more compassionate, spiritually inclined practice, and I think it goes well (and compliments) Yoga practice, or the practice of Yoga as a spiritual discipline.

    When you’re practicing a diet of not eating animals, I feel one becomes more compassionate and sensitive to the animals and their plight of having to be raised for food and slaughtered in the end.

  • Serene Sunday
    Self Meditation, Self Medication

    i wanted to talk a little bit about meditation…

    i think that when you do something as simple as drinking some wine or a beer, you are trying to reach a state of mind that is alternative to what you’re normally thinking.

    maybe, you are looking for an escape, maybe you’re just interested in changing your mood.

  • Thoughts on Meditation, Yoga and Emptying the Mind

    a lady at yoga class confessed that she was thinking constantly about things during the session… when yoga was supposed to calm her mind and help her focus.

    to be honest, i was perplexed. but i think that is because people approach yoga with a western mindset.

  • Barcelona
    Masks for Men: It’s Really About Skin Care, Folks

    I’m getting back to a regimen of doing masks on my face, simply because I’m thinking every guy should do this for a clearer complexion.

    I’m a musician, so I meet a lot of people at the gigs I do. I guess it helps to put that extra attention to the face.

  • Drums
    Happiness is a Struggling Musician

    As a musician, I’ve had maybe one close call with “big time” success, and it was a very enriching experience, and also disappointing as well.

    It’s a heartbreaker when you think you’re riding a big wave of success, only for the bandleader to call you one day to let you go. Supposedly, I was replaced by another drummer just before this big success would happen.

  • Ellen DeGeneres’ Great Explanation on Why She Became Vegan

    Veganism, or following some form of a plant-based diet, isn’t just a good plan to stay healthy. Many vegans are committed to saving the animals and are against the killing and torture of animals for the sake of human consumption.

  • U.S. Currency
    Understanding the Depth of Frugal Living

    I’m picturing the Indian Yogi, meditating in the foothills of the Himalayas, with little possessions and his only home a cave or simple shelter.

    It’s this thought that takes me to contemplate frugal living concepts.

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