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Today was a busy day… the day before Easter.

The challenge today is adaptability, since I was out for much of the day doing errands.

For instance, I did my morning piano practice (which can take a couple of hours easy), and had to rush out to do errands, so I couldn’t eat a proper breakfast and mid-morning meal. Well, I overslept today and woke up around 9:25am.

So, my day is off kilter and like yesterday, I think I won’t get my 6 meals in before the end of the day. I can expect days to be like that, so it’s hard to get an ideal day when there’s little time to prepare 6 meals.

Tomorrow will probably be just as bad, so I must prepare somehow with a lunchbox of foods.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Breakfast– 1pm

Oatmeal ~ with blueberries, raisins, seeds, nuts (Starbucks)
Starbucks Mocha ~ decaf, nonfat, no whip, 1/2 cup

Lunch ~ 4pm

Green Tea ~ 1 cup (Trader Joe’s)
Miso Soup ~ 1 cup
Nigiri Sushi ~ 2 pc unagi
Salmon ~ 1.5″ square w/cream cheese
Wasabi Peas ~ 2 handfuls

Afternoon Tea – 5:30pm

Chicken Wings ~ baked, 2 pc
Asian Pear ~ 1/4, diced
Miso Soup ~ 1 cup
Wasabi Peas ~ 1 handful
Green Tea ~ 1 cup

Snack – 6:30pm

Wasabi Peas ~ 2 handfuls
Purified Water ~ 1 glass

Dinner – 8:30pm

Salmon ~ baked, teriyaki, 2 pc
Chicken Karaage ~ 2 pc
Miso Soup ~ 1 cup
Asian Pear ~ 1/4, diced
Green Tea ~ 1 cup

Late Evening – 11pm

Snack Cheat ~ 4 Hershey’s Kisses (Easter Edition)



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Carlos Rull is a musician living in the San Diego area. His interests include Yoga, Eastern Philosophy, Zen Buddhism, and Gardening. He plays drums, piano, and composes New Age & Ambient music, and his albums are available on iTunes and Amazon.com.

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