100% Raw – Day 4

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Well it’s noon and I’m feeling much better than yesterday. I think the main problem I’ve been having with going 100% raw is that I gave up coffee and my daily trip to Starbucks. Yes, I think that would do a double-whammy on my body by going totally raw and giving up caffeine, the soy milk and sugars that go with a Starbucks Soy Mocha.

Caffeine Withdrawals and Detoxification

So, the raw transition aside, I probably have been going through coffee/caffeine withdrawals. HealthyRecipes.com has a logical explanation for what I am going through:

What are the symptoms or signs which become evident when we first begin to omit the lower grade foods and instead introduce superior foods–those which are most alive, more natural than we are accustomed to? When the use of toxic stimulants such as coffee, tea, chocolate, or cocoa is suddenly stopped, headaches are common and a letdown occurs. This is due to the discard by the body of the toxins called caffeine and theobromine which are removed from the tissues and transported through the bloodstream during its many bodily rounds.

But right now I’m feeling much better compared to yesterday when I felt a bit weak and lethargic. Of course, I’ve been sleeping very late during day 1 and 2, and that’s because I’ve been an insomniac at times. Last night, I slept well and not so late. And I’m thinking that once I’ve been 100% raw for a while and not drinking any caffeinated beverages I’ll be able to sleep properly and earlier.

Surprisingly, My Back Aches

The only thing that’s bugging me right now is my back. For some reason my back muscles have been aching something fierce. I had to ask my wife to massage the middle of my back. Perhaps that’s just do to the detox effect? Or maybe it’s just a coincidence and I must’ve slept in a weird position the other night.

Further writings concerning detox symptoms:

To a lesser extent, the same process occurs when we abandon lower quality foods and replace them with better foods. Lower quality foods have undergone more preparation. Spices, salt, and other ingredients have been added, as they tend to be more stimulating than less prepared and more natural foods. Animal foods such as meat, fowl, fish, etc. are more stimulating than cheese, nuts, and vegetable proteins.

Consequently, the withdrawal of stimulation which follows the abandonment of animal food produces a slower heart action–a resting phase–which registers in the mind as relaxation or a decrease of energy. This initial letdown lasts about ten days or slightly longer and is followed by an increase of strength, a feeling of diminishing stress and greater well-being.

Anyway, today I ate some raw bread, celery juice, some sunflower seeds and a small salad. And just now made myself a cacao-banana smoothie with agave nectar. Oh, that was sooooo good!

Hopefully, I’ll feel even better later on tonight…



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