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Raw Random Thoughts

The following are random things I’ve discovered about exploring a mostly raw vegan lifestyle.

  1. Energy. Energy. Energy… = Go Go Go…
  2. I seriously need to buy a dehydrator and a food processor.
  3. I like basil leaves in my vegan sandwiches!
  4. Carrots turn my juicer orange. Must clean right away.
  5. I LOVE cucumber juice, and taste that it really is a melon.
  6. Carrot juice really makes me hyper.
  7. Celery juice is the easiest to juice; though my least favorite.
  8. Apple juice from the juicer is the best.
  9. My current favorite seeds are 100% organic raw pepitas.
  10. There are more people going raw than I imagined.
  11. Lots of raw vegan videos on YouTube. So now I don’t feel so alone. :)
  12. Lots of raw foodies on Flickr too. With awesome photos.
  13. A fresh garden salad is so beneficial to digestion. Even meateaters should always have a fresh salad with their meals.
  14. I get headaches now when I have coffee or white sugar.
  15. Saving all those fruit and vegetable scraps; great for the compost pile!
  16. Being a raw vegan and organic gardens at home go hand-in-hand. Money saving.
  17. I LOVE avocados!
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