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Day 6: Easter Sunday, Breaking the Fast


Common Lantana

Temporarily Breaking the Fast

This morning the family and I went to Easter service at our local community Catholic church. I’m not really a practicing Catholic because I consider myself a Universalist and Zen Buddhist. I respect all the major religions and think there are important teachings to be learned from these great religions.

So, I received the sacrament of holy communion and that is when I officially broke my fast. I pretty much planned it this way for spiritual and religious reasons, and I do also believe in Jesus Christ’s teachings as well as Buddha’s and Krishna’s and Lao Tzu and others…

But breaking the fast is symbolic to me at this point, and I’m still prepared to continue on my fast from here. It’s just that I plan to introduced diluted juices and see how I feel.

Right now I’m not hungry at all for any solid foods. I don’t even have any cravings whatsoever! Matter of fact, I feel as if my stomach had disappeared. And it’s kind of an uplifting feeling, the burden of having to eat and the body having to process all that food I was once eating… It makes me realize just how much energy is needed in order to digest and assimilate all foods into the body.

The Skies Above Us

A Beautiful Easter Sunday

Today is such a beautiful day for Eastery Sunday. I’m glad it turn out to be nice and warm and sunny. At church, it was so crowded and we were a bit late arriving, we had to sit outside on the benches. It was very nice. They had loudspeakers so people could listen even though they couldn’t see what was going on. There were still a LOT of people outside and it felt more casual.

After a while it became a bit too hot and after a while I sought comfort in the shade.

Where To Go From Here…

At this point of the fasting journey, I am not really sure where I want to go. I don’t feel like eating solid foods just yet, and I don’t feel hungry, anyway. I feel like I can go on like this for a long time, but I know I will need to official break the fast and start my after-fast transition (this will be very crucial) in order to properly go back to eating solid foods again, without stressing the body.

Perhaps I will continue on for a week on nothing but diluted juices. One thing’s for sure, it would be completely wrong to just start eating full meals to break the fast. The body has been resting, so to suddenly overload the digestive system with lots of food is not good for the body.

So, it looks like I continue to fast on diluted juices…..

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