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More Lessons on How To Water Roses

Quite a few resources on the internet are mentioning how easy it is to care for roses. I think that’s true to some extent. But, to maximize blooms one has to get a bit more serious about caring for roses.

hybrid tea rose "mister lincoln"

Roses, I’m quickly finding out, need a LOT of water. And especially newly planted roses (that haven’t yet been established in the garden)need to be watered almost everyday during the Summer months.

I know, many expert rose gardeners will tell you 1 to 2 inches a week, and watering twice a week. But here in San Diego, and especially living in the inland canyon areas, roses pretty much need to be watered everyday.

The thing is, they need a slow, continuous flow of water. That is the ideal. And, I’ve found that a slow drip irrigation technique that goes on for about 1 to 2 hours will do wonders for your rose plant.


So, I’m experimenting with plastic water bottles, cutting the bottom out and drilling a hole in the cap. This is a low=tech solution to providing drip irrigation for the roses.

What I’m probably going to do now is to use the big plastic water containers that have the serving dispenser at the bottom. With the screw-on-lid I can better control the steady flow of water and adjust the speed at which the water comes out. I think this would be better than make a hole(s) and hoping the water doesn’t flow out too quickly.

Wish me luck on this, but I’ll switch to those other containers and hopefully that will be the ideal low-tech setup for watering the roses!

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