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Published on April 11th, 2012 | by Randomguru


Odds and Ends: The Big Bang Theory

I’ve been somewhat obsessed with sitcom writer and producer Chuck Lorre’s “vanity cards”; his personal writings that appear at the end of each Big Bang Theory episode for about a 2 second duration. As a matter of fact, they’ve appeared at the end of each episode of pretty much every TV sitcom he’s ever produced and/or created.

Vanity Cards

I think his vanity cards are ultra cool, akin to a blog post but posted at the end of a TV show instead of posted on a web blog. Although, you can now find the complete archive of Chuck Lorre’s vanity cards on his official website, for easy reference.

“Mr. Lorre, if you are reading this, I am a big fan of The Big Bang Theory and have all four season of TBBT on DVD. That said, I’m also reading your vanity cards when I have the extra few minutes to peruse the archives.” —Randomguru

Anyway, for the typical blogger who has become somewhat jaded and burned out with the whole art and process that is blogging, I say, “look to Chuck Lorre’s vanity cards for inspiration”, but don’t plagarize, obviously.

The Big Bang Theory

So, for the last few months, in addition to a mild Adele obsession, I’ve also been obsessed with The Big Bang Theory and have all four seasons on DVD.

Recently, I did a Big Bang Theory marathon watching all four seasons, from the pilot episode in Season 1 to the final episode in Season 4.

Let me tell you, the attention to detail of all the characters quirks and habits and traits is quite consistent throughout all the episodes. And, it’s fun to catch references to past episodes from any given episode.

Big Bang on the Web

Incidentally, I’ve been doing some quiet researching about THE actual Big Bang Theory on the web, and the various religious and scientific debates between such things as creationism and evolution. I try to keep an open “Zen” mind so I currently don’t lean one way or the other. But, there IS scientific evidence that supports evolution and the big bang theory. It IS a reasonable and logical theory of how the universe was created.

Tickets To The Big Bang Theory Show

Tickets for the Big Bang Theory taping can be found at this website.

Anyway, I was trying to score tickets to see a Big Bang Theory episode being filmed, as each episode IS filmed in front of a “live” audience. And, the last two episodes of the fifth season are being filmed this month and they are all sold out, with the only hope of showing up anyway on a wait list to see if someone canceled last minute. Maybe, I might try to go, anyways.

I’ll be looking out for tickets to the sixth season episodes.

And that’s pretty much it for my Big Bang Theory obsession, other than the fact that it has stirred up my inner-geek, so I’ve been booting up Linux again and working on the command line.

FYI: I seldom watch TV, although I do watch the news on occasion AND if I DO watch TV it’s going to be a Big Bang Theory episode recorded on the DVR (the current season) or episodes from the DVDs.

Not too long ago I was watching Paladia on cable…. rock concerts and music videos, etc.

That’s it for now…

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