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Hiking Notes: The Journey and Not The Destination

Lots of people hike.

You could say it’s nothing special, and no different than walking around the neighborhood, or walking around at the mall.

To me, though, it’s another form of meditation. And there is walking meditation, so I think that is one of the enjoyments of hiking out there in nature… and enjoyment and appreciation for nature.

Black Mountain

Hiking Notes

  • Lately, I’ve been hiking all around San Diego and also in Riverside. I’ve been setting a goal to climb to the summits of all the local mountains. It’s been fun, but at the same time it’s been very challenging to physically climb up mountains. But it’s better than using the stairmaster at the gym because you get out there and interact with nature. There is the purpose of going from point A to point B, and back from point B to point A.
  • I’ve been trying to vary my workouts. For instance, I’ve been quite excited about hiking again and have been trying to hike almost every day, but I’ve realized I need to mix it up and do hiking one day, and then a regular walk/jog routine, and then there’s just plain walking without a backpack.
  • I have specific goals for future hiking.
  • Hiking to the summit of Mt. Whitney is one big goal.
  • Hiking to the tops of Mt. Baldy and Mt. San Jacinto are a couple of other big goals.
  • And my main purpose of doing any type of cardio workout is to improve and maintain the cardiovascular system, keeping it healthy and doing this to keep the heart healthy as well.
  • A few relatives have died of heart attack and/or stroke, so that’s a big, big motivator as well.
  • And, I want to be in my best athletic condition to help improve my drumming abilties.

Black Mountain

  • I want to roam about free, hiking throughout the great wilderness around me, but I do have a fear of mountain lions, bears and rattle snakes. Everything else, I could probably handle.
  • I’m reading all I can about hiking and backpacking, to gather the knowledge so I can go out there and survive.
  • Other hiking goals… hiking the rim of the Grand Canyon. Hiking down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, camp out for a couple of days, and hike back up.
  • I’m impressed by the active lifestyle of the person below: hiking, mountain biking, archery, etc…

  • I’ve been visiting REI a lot recently, getting into the gear, backpacking and camping equipment.
  • Will continue to walk/jog and get to the point where I can run again. I mean, really run at a good 7 minute per mile pace.

And, more random hiking notes to follow…

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