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Trading Notes: Apple Stock and Blogging the Final Trading Hour

Apple’s Success

Recently, Apple’s stock price had reached another all-time high, and another 52-week high, all this amidst the unveiling of iPhone 5 and iOS6 made available for download just last week.

I’m not too sure of the sources but Apple’s iPhone 5 sold 5 million units in a week. And, the 1.5+ million pre-orders were completely sold out. And as usual, long lines around Apple Stores were a common sight, people even camping in lines for 4 days! Once gain, the Apple hype was taking hold.

Was the iPhone 5 the big event that Apple and its legions of fans expected? Well, it seemed to be. The big skepticism, however, was if the stats lived up to what the so-called analysts had predicted. And from what I’m hearing already, the iPhone 5 did NOT meet the analysts expectations.

Also causing skepticism are the Samsung Galaxy commercial showing Apple fans lined up, and the one guy says he’s just holding a spot for his parents. Is this symbolic that Apple smartphones are a thing of the past, or something that’s passe and for the old folks? The commercial further exploits features Samsung Galaxy has that iPhone doesn’t, like the ability to quickly transfer files, music, etc. from one Samsung Galaxy to another simply by touching the smartphones together.

iPhone 5’s Success

I don’t want to turn this into a smartphone review for Apple ($AAPL), but it would seem that the new iPhone 5 is a vast improvement over the previous iPhone 4S. Here are some key elements gathered from Apple’s website:

  • 1. An obviously larger, HD compatible display.
  • 2. An A6 chip, faster than the previous A5 chip.
  • 3. The new and improved iOS6 (which iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S users can download for free from their iPhones).
  • 4. The much improved Retina display.
  • 5. Ultra-fast wireless technology (though something that needs to be properly reviewed and tested).
  • 6. It is touted to be the thinnest and lighest iPhone ever.
  • 7. And improvements that further improve the performance and functionality between the iOS6 operating system and apps.

Apple’s Stock Performance

With all the great things going for Apple with regards to its new iPhone 5 (the iPhone has account for approximately 70% of Apple’s overall profits), you’d think that the stock would continue to perform amazingly. But, this morning Apple stock ($AAPL) took a big plunge and went from just over $700 a share down to about $690 a share.


Now, the big drop is really just a drop of $15 per share, this really accounts for about 2% of its total value. Today’s drop could just be a prelude to another big “pop” in the stock’s price.

Of course, let’s see how this unfolds in the coming days, as Apple now issues dividends of $10+ annually per share.

Trading Notes

12:35pm – With less than 30 minutes left in the trading session, with the major stock indices in the red, with exception to the Dow, which is up 8 points.

The portfolio has been mixed today, with $AAPL and $FB down in negative territory for the day.

Stock Indices: $DJI +6.91 $COMP -16.86 $SPX -0.85 $NYA -6.4903

12:45pm – With 15 minutes left in th trading session, the major stock indices have all fallen into the red.

Stock Indices: $DJI -2.08 $COMP -18.08 $SPX -1.89 $NYA -14.5469

The portfolio remains mixed, with $AAPL falling to $689 per share.

The Closing Bell

1:00pm – And the market has closed.

Today was a downtrending day for the stock market, which is in keeping with most Mondays in the past 2 months.

Stock Indices: $DJI -20.47 $COMP -19.18 $SPX -3.23 $NYA -20.1815

Today’s portfolio gainers: $RNF $NGG $KO $S

Today’s portfolio losers: $XOM $ENTG $AGNC $ISRG $TGT $FB $AAPL



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