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Trading Notes: “Hey, It’s the Opening Bell!” and Other Stories

6:30am – And they’re off!

The market has opened in positive territory. But, as we all know, this can completely turn around in the next 30 minutes.

Stock Indices: $DJI +22.35 $COMP +9.78 $SPX +3.62 $NYA +24.2243

The portfolio has opened mostly in the green, with $ISRG $RNF and $XOM in the top three.

Surprisingly, the bottom three are $TGT $NGG and $AAPL.

8:00am – An hour and a half into the trading session… all major indices are still in positive territory. And the portfolio is mostly in the green with exception to $NLY and $S.

Selling Apple Stock

Sold $AAPL at a profit because technical charts indicating a correction off the 52-week high. Will buy $AAPL again at another good entry point. Some analysts say the stock will hit $1,000 a share, but it’s looking like there is some resistence happening. Bought $NLY at a pretty good entry point and looking to hold long to maximize dividends.


Trading Notes

8:16am – The European Markets close in less than 15 minutes.

Stock Indices: $DJI +54.49 $COMP +13.64 $SPX +6.01 $NYA +38.0316

10:15am – Well, things have turned around for the worse…

The major stock indices are back in the red. And the portfolio is mixed.

Stock Indices: $DJI -14.51 $COMP -4.92 $SPX -1.35 $NYA -7.7588

Portfolio Gainers: $NGG $XOM $TGT $ENTG

Portfolio Losers: $S $NLY $KO $ISRG

Exxon Mobil


Market ReCap

1:30pm – And what started out to be a nice decent rally became another downtrending day, the second of a two day losing streak.

Some headlines mark the day’s events:

Stocks Turn Negative in Afternoon Trading

NEW YORK (TheStreet) — The major U.S. stock averages turned negative Tuesday afternoon with investor sentiment dampened by a cautionary outlook from heavy equipment giant Caterpillar (CAT).

The market also took a hit after Philadelphia Fed President Charles Plosser told an audience he believes it’s unlikely the central bank’s third round of quantitative easing will meaningfully boost the economy.

The major stock indices once again closed in the red.

Stock Indices: $DJI -101.37 $COMP -43.05 $SPX -15.30 $NYA -81.7922

The portfolio finished in the red except for $NGG.


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