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Trading Notes: A Modest Rally It Is, Ya? Just Bought AT&T Shares, Again!

I consider myself, first and foremost, to be a musician/drummer. I would love to just tour the world playing creating, improvised music and get paid well for it.

Now back to reality, the musician who criticized me for my “new” job as a stock investor? Hello, shuh? I need to have more than one income stream, and it so happens that I’ve an interest in the stock market and equity investing.

Anyway, am I making millions? I wish!

I’m struggling to make ends meet. I have bills to pay. My wife and I are putting our two children through college at good universities. One of them plans to go to Pharmacy School or Medical School. I wish I had millions!

Anyway, getting back to the stock market…

Looks like we are experiencing a modest rally today, but don’t get your hopes up. The market took a downturn the past three days AND we are still trying to get back to the earnings of last Thursday and Friday.

We need more rallies to make up the difference and get back on track.

Trading Notes

12:36pm – The market was actually floundering this morning but by mid-morning there was a sudden “pop” and the market went into rally mode. News in Europe was a bit better and the European markets closed pretty much in the green.

And with less than 20 minutes to go in today’s trading session, the market is fighting to keep this little rally alive!

Market Indices: $DJI +92.00 $COMP +45.90 $SPX +15.69 $NYA +90.4707

12:49pm – Stock prices are falling slightly from the highs of the day. The stock indices are still in the green, but lower than they were around midday. This is a trend that seems to be happening often, lately, as opposed to the market finishing strong.

12:52pm – Less than 10 minutes to the closing bell.

Market Indices: $DJI +71.88 $COMP +42.59 $SPX +13.76 $NYA +79.7231

$AAPL has had a gain of $15 per share today.

12:56pm – CNBC reports that China’s stock market took off in the last few minutes of trading, helping to fuel today’s rally.

12:59pm – Less than a minute to go!

The Closing Bell

And it’s the closing bell, shuh?

Market Indices: $DJI +72.77 $COMP +42.90 $SPX +13.86 $NYA +81.9744

If the market is up tomorrow, then the Dow has been positive in 11 out of the last 12 months! I’ve been noticing that, since I’m following the day to day actions of the stock market. And we’ll be at the end of another quarter.

Despite what people are saying about job growth and the slow economy, the stock market has actually been doing well so far this year.

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