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Trading Notes: First Day of October Edition, Opening in Rally Mode

6:30am – The market opened in rally mode this morning, the first day of October.

This seemingly strong rally is in response to the European stock market opening with a strong rally as well, fueled quite possibly by the stimulus plans for Spain. The optimism is cautious in Europe, however, as China and Taiwan economies are experiencing a slow down with worries of a recession.

Market Indices: $DJI +76.87 $COMP +13.23 $SPX +8.17 $NYA +52.7642

Trading Notes

6:56am – Almost half an hour into today’s trading session… the market is in rally mode.

Stock market indexes jump more than 4% in 3rd quarter

Investors pump $900 billion into stocks as the U.S. and European central banks act to shore up their economies.

NEW YORK — Investors plowed $900 billion into the stock market in the third quarter, sending major indexes more than 4% higher after bold moves by central banks to shore up the European and U.S. economies.

The Dow Jones industrial average ended the third quarter up 4.3% to 13,437.13, the Standard & Poor’s 500 index rose 5.8% to 1,440.67, and the technology-heavy Nasdaq composite soared 6.2% to 3,116.23. The rally has now seen blue chip stocks rise 11 times during the past 12 months.

Market Indices: $DJI +71.37 $COMP +10.00 $SPX +7.22 $NYA +47.4984

7:05am – CNBC: “We are sitting on session highs right now”.

Market Indices: $DJI +137.38 $COMP +27.72 $SPX +15.08 $NYA +92.0938

7:09am – Portfolio gainers so far: $ISRG $NGG $RNF $XOM $KO


7:19am – A few interesting stock-related headllines…

US stock futures rise on cautious Euro optimism

U.S. stock futures are rising as investors cautiously welcome the result of stress tests of Spain’s banks and a slight improvement in a survey of the eurozone’s manufacturing sector.

Dow futures are up 66 points at 13,421. The broader S&P 500 futures are up 6 point to 1,441. Nasdaq futures are up 16 points at 2,808.

Stocks Rally to Open Fourth Quarter

NEW YORK (TheStreet) — The major U.S. averages opened on a stronger note Monday as investors awaited a U.S. manufacturing report and the latest Federal Reserve minutes, a rates announcement from the European Central Bank and nonfarm payrolls numbers in the latter part of the week.

In addition, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke speaks at 12:30 p.m. EDT and could offer additional insight on the central bank’s latest round of quantitative easing.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average was gaining more than 80 points, or 0.60%, at 13,518. The blue-chip index, which was booking its biggest gains since Sept. 13, started the session up by more than 10.5% in 2012.

7:25am – Almost an hour into today’s trading session, and the question arises… have we reached the highs of the day?

7:27am – It is looking like we are coming off the highs of the day, already?

Market Indices: $DJI +150.00 $COMP +13.82 $SPX +15.08 $NYA +85.3232

7:52am – Facebook ($FB) is looking at 1 billion users soon, and with a little help by China. Facebook fans in China were banned from using Facebook back in 2009, but are somehow bypassing the ban by using proxy services. This is sure to bring Facebook’s users to more than 1 billion quite easily.

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) Fans Bypass Ban in China Using So-called Proxy Services

Facebook Inc.’s (NASDAQ:FB) shares gained on Friday, limiting weekly decline to 5.25% but boosting monthly rise to 12%. The boost came in after researcher GlobalWebIndex said the social-networking giant has experienced an eightfold rise in users in China since that country banned access to the service in 2009. The site’s users in China, which is the world’s biggest Web market, were 63.5 million in the second quarter of 2012, significantly beating 7.9 million in 2009, London-based researcher GlobalWebIndex said in a blog post last week.
Users can have access to sites restricted in China using so-called proxy services, which connect users to servers outside the country so they can visit sites that are filtered. Tom Smith, founder of GlobalWebIndex, said that the workarounds supported Facebook Inc. (FB) and Twitter to strengthen their positions against local sites including microblogging service Sina Weibo.

7:56am – Current stock indices.

Market Indices: $DJI +144.43 $COMP +19.56 $SPX +13.21 $NYA +80.1085

8:41am – Latest update…

Market Indices: $DJI +159.09 $COMP +19.56 $SPX +13.86 $NYA +83.989

P&L portfolio winners: $XOM $RNF $NGG $S

Just Updates

9:44am – The only stock not positive today seems to be Microsoft! What’s up, Microsoft? ($MSFT)


While Syntel is leading the way on the NASDAQ.


Final Trading Hour

12:26pm – We are in the final hour of trading, and almost at the final half hour of the trading session. The NASDAQ has dipped into negative territory. And the other major indices are trying to hang on to a now modest rally.

Market Indices: $DJI +63.28 $COMP -9.49 $SPX +1.51 $NYA +20.3694



Top Portfolio gainers: $ISRG $RNF $NGG $XOM

Portfolio losers: $S $TGT $NLY

The Closing Bell

1:05pm – Well, the NASDAQ couldn’t pull out of the red. But, overall we still held onto a modest rally. And, a rally is a rally.

Once we had reached the highs of the day earlier in the morning, we couldn’t prevent a major sell-off.

In other news, Kraft ($KFT) has reached all-time highs today. I should’ve held onto to my $KFT shares, but I did sell for a profit.

Market Indices: $DJI +77.91 $COMP -2.70 $SPX +3.81 $NYA +33.2671



Portfolio winners: $ISRG $NGG $RNF $KO

Portfolio losers: $TGT $S $NLY


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