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Ravi Shankar: India’s Beloved Sitarist (1920 – 2012), Rest in Peace

Ravi Shankar

THE ABOVE VIDEO IS SO BEAUTIFUL, so deep, reaching the highest levels of musical artistry.

Even at a very old age, Ravi Shankar was at his best and seemed to be more adept to the finer subtleties and nuances of his instrument, the Sitar. And watching and hearing him perform with his daughter Anoushka is bordering on the ethereal.

I’m not going to say what’s already been eloquently said about a great man and a great artist. But, I’d been a fan of Indian Music since my high school days, so much so that my fellow students used to call me “Hindu Rull”!

And I wanted to journey off to the Himalayas and become a wandering Yogi, but that’s a different story.

But, it was always apparent that Ravi Shankar was always striving for a higher plane of musical artistry, something ethereal, reaching up to the aural limits of what could be humanly be perceived.

Ravi Shankar, On Music

Ravi Shankar, on Music

Indian Classical Music, of its very nature, aspires to higher levels of musical expression, but Ravi Shankar was at the forefront of Indian Classical Music and was instrumental in spreading Indian Music around the planet.

A great musical soul like Ravi Shankar will surely be missed, but his music will live on as future generations come to know and re-discover his music.

Rest in Peace, Ravi Shankar. Be with God. भगवान के साथ हो


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