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[Video] Beyoncé Lip Synced the National Anthem


I was sitting there in front of the TV last night, catching up on the Inaugural Ceremonies and Parties.

I DID catch a part of the procession and LIVE coverage at band rehearsal yesterday, but I didn’t catch Beyoncé’s performance of the National Anthem until late last night.

I was amazed! It was almost pitch-perfect and smooth. And she even took out one of her in-ear monitors close to the climax of the song, as if she needed to, as if singing “LIVE”.

And, so I guess I was duped, but from the back of my mind I was thinking, “Where have I heard this arrangement of the National Anthem before?”

Well, guess what?

The musical arrangement and accompaniment sound similar to Beyoncé’s performance at Reliant Stadium during the Super Bowl in 2004! I posted a video of that performance in: The Star Spangled Banner: The Zen Garden’s Top 5 Performances

Video below:

This is immaculately arrangement and very powerful and dynamic, though I’ll bet this version is lip synced and pre-recorded. The sound of the orchestra and band seemed so good like it was recorded in a studio. If anything, Beyoncé lip-synced this performance perfectly, and if there was any clues that she lip-synced, perhaps live camera trickery should be given some credit for momentarily showing other views other than Beyoncé singing (up close).

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