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[Flashbacks] Some Essential Links for Friday 1/25/13

Afternoon Sky

I just wanted to mention that sometimes I search my own blog for posts that I’d already written.

This task has a two-fold purpose.

1. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, so-to-speak. In other words, I don’t have an Eidetic memory, or photographic memory. I mean, I can remember a lot of things, and sometimes I surprise myself and others by remembering some detail from the distant past that should’ve easily been forgotten, however random.

But yes, it’s good to check your past blog posts to make sure you don’t accidentally write another article on the same thing.

2. I might want to reference a past blog post. Yes, I think it helps (if at least from an SEO point of view) to link to past articles and posts that relate to the one you’re currently writing.

If anything, this method helps to connect similar articles/posts together, to help the reader connect to more information that’s related. I know there are wordpress plugins that do the same thing at the end of an article/post, but it’s more convenient to reference a previous article/post with a link within the current article.


The Joys and Benefits of Red Wine – I was going to write a post about red wine, being that my sister-in-law and brother-in-law FedEx’d me 3 bottles of red wine for my birthday (thank you very much), but lo and behold, I had already written something about red wine.

A Raw Vegan Sandwich – I was also going to write a post about “building” a Raw Vegan Sandwich, but I guess I had written one of those, too! But, while this recipe shall suffice (even though finding actual raw bread will be hard for some), using sprouted bread is a viable substitute if one is vegan and trying to include more raw foods in one’s diet.

So, I promise to write a post on my favorite vegan sandwich recipe very soon.

10 Superfoods to Improve Health and Performance – I think I’ve already written a number of Superfoods articles here, so I’ll just share one, and remind myself that I’ve written enough about Superfoods.

Yoga Master Srimat Kuladananda Brahmachary – And to just share something intriguing. Here is an article about a true Yoga Master from India. His picture, with a devotee by his side, kneeling in meditation, is pretty amazing.

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