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[Diet] Mass Media Brainwashing and Food

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You have to constantly ask yourself, “Am I eating a certain way because of my own individual choices? Or have I been brainwashed by commercials and ads?”

We live in a consumer-driven society.

Take electronics, for instance. We have been conditioned to be dependent on various electronic gadgets from smartphones to tablet PCs, from laptops to GPS devices.

The same goes for anything from clothes to shoes to fashion accessories.

Mass Media Brainwashing is a powerful thing, as the power of suggestion is very strong in telling us humans what we need to buy next.

With food, we are bombarded by the big fast food corporations, from McDonald’s to Burger King. And it doesn’t stop there… Taco Bell, Applebee’s, Red Lobster, KFC. And their commercials bombard those who are glued to the television set everyday. After a while, people get brainwashed into thinking that it’s actually okay to eat junk food and fast food, simply because it’s being “glamourized” on TV.

Are these fast foods healthy?

Think about it for a minute.

These fast food restaurants are huge corporations who have the power to even set up restaurants in China! I recently watched the movie Argo, and they even showed a KFC fast food restaurant in downtown Tehran, of all places!

The big fast food corporations are in the business to sell hamburgers, fries, etc., and of course they are going to cater to the dark side of our taste buds, and feed us quick foods that are full of saturated fats, salt, sugar, bad carbs like white hamburger buns, and other processed foods.

But, it’s not just the fast food chains. It’s the local restaurants. Can you honestly say that restaurant food is healthy for you? Can you trust these restaurants to make you food that is truly going to benefit your health?

Chances are, restaurants will cater to your taste buds. Well, I”m sure there are some great restaurants that serve the freshest, most natural and organic ingredients, right? They get the best ingredients because they know that people will be able to tell the difference between the healthy foods and the not-so-healthy foods.

Can we be 100% sure that a restaurant will serve us healthy meals? Or do we know that they serve sinfully delightful meals, and we know the foods might not be that good for us, health-wise?

My point is, many of us put our complete trust in the people that serve us food!

Think about those stories about fast food workers spitting into people’s cheeseburgers. Yes, can you truly trust the people who serve you food, 100% trust them?

Anyway, the only sure thing that you can do is to prepare the food yourself. To go out and buy the best ingredients, prepare it in a healthy way, and you’ll know that the food would be 100% healthy because you prepared it yourself.

Other than that, no matter where you buy food that has been prepared by others, you really can’t trust it 100% if you don’t know where the food came from, who prepared it, and if it’s totally healthy for you or not.

There’s a certain amount of trust most people place on the foods that we buy that were prepared by others. Maybe it’s the way we were conditioned since a young age by watching TV and watching all those commercials that suggested these foods are great.

We are creatures who are easily persuaded. You see something on TV and you want it. You are told this food or that food is great tasting, and many of us agree with the commercials…

Is it our own individual decision, or is it the power of suggestion?

I just wonder if we humans are that easily brainwashed…

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