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Unboxing the Macbook Air 2012

Macbook Air

As you may have read, I recently got a Macbook Air 13″ 2012 Edition for my birthday.

My previous laptop, a 15″ HP Pavilion 4000 is now 8 years old and considered by many to be a dinosaur. In fact, I’m embarrassed to take it out to Starbucks or on trips because it’s so ancient. Just kidding.

Anyway, I’m happy with my birthday present and I’ve been using it a LOT, getting used to the keyboard and working with Mac OS X again. Not a problem… piece of cake.

So, above is a quick video that introduces the Macbook Air and shows it being unboxed for the first time. It’s a great feeling to unbox a brand new laptop or desktop PC. Especially memorable when it’s a Macbook Air.

I’m glad to be getting last year’s model of the Macbook Air, at the beginning of 2013. This means my wife got a great deal on a brand new Macbook Air that was released last year. Great deals can be had.

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