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Super Bowl Sunday: Recap, and Other Thoughts

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1. A lot of people are talking about that “non-call” in the final 2 minutes of the Super Bowl game yesterday. And in my own personal opinion, I doubt that Crabtree could even catch that football within getting out of bounds, let alone catch a football that was well above his head.

But the issue was that “holding” or “pass interference” wasn’t called by any of the referees. Well, it’s a tough call because it seemed that Crabtree initiated the contact. So, it depends on who’s team you were on and who you were rooting for. The Ravens claimed Smith was doing his job and preventing Crabtree from scoring. The 49ers and their fans claim it was a non-call and a definite “holding call”.

My question was… why didn’t Kaepernick run the football into the end zone? They were close enough that they could’ve just ran the ball. But I guess they thought their running game wasn’t as effective in the red zone against the Ravens defense.

It turned out to be a great Super Bowl, and a great matchup with two brothers as head coaches. I just thought it was a great game and one of the best with both teams evenly matched, though the Ravens clearly dominated during the first half, and after Jacoby Jones’ 108 kickoff return for a touchdown, then the power went out… the Ravens momentum was clearly diffused, giving the 49ers a chance to get back into the game.

Overall, great game and I liked both teams. I wanted the 49ers to win because they are a California team, but I also liked the Baltimore Ravens because I like Joe Flacco’s resilience and cool. Plus, they have a few great stories behind their team, like OJ who is suffering from ALS who remains the teams strength and determination to succeed, and Ray Lewis’ illustrious career and 15 years with the Ravens. He can retire with two Super Bowl rings now. I didn’t know Michael Phelps was a big, big fan but it makes sense being that he’s from Baltimore and has trained there for years.

2. On another note: I had a great night performing with Smokestaxx at the Coyote Bar. Always fun to perform there and the weather was nice for an outdoor venue. Though, there wasn’t the usual crowd because of it was obviously Super Bowl Sunday, we still got people’s booties shaking (those who were there).

3. Over the weekend I finally got my taxes done. Well, it was done early and I know I will have to do an amendment because we have the tax stuff coming from investments, which are usually late.

4. The weather is starting to get nicer in San Diego.

5. But gasoline prices are climbing again, going over $4.00 a gallon here in San Diego.

6. It rained the night before Super Bowl Sunday and the gig, so I was worried about getting rained out again for the gig.

6. More later…

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