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It’s a Drizzly Tuesday…

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Well, my previous post was sort of a misfire…

It happens, when one wakes up extra earlier than one usually does, just to drive his niece to school when her Mother can’t do it.

I don’t mind doing people favors but if it’s out of my usual routine it throws me off.

Sometimes, I am definitely a creature of habit.

Anyway, it’s a drizzly Tuesday in San Diego, with fog rolling in.

On my blog I noticed that my Star Spangled Banner post has trended, obviously because in the few days after a Super Bowl, people do random searches for “national anthem” or “star spangled banner” to find previous performances to compare to the one just recently performed, and in this case, this time it was performed totally “live” by Alicia Keys.

And she is a fine vocalist, multi-Grammy award winner and very successful. She even was named Global Creative Director for Blackberry, which was somewhat of a surprise to me.

Her performance of the National Anthem was totally “live”, and not “pre-recorded” like Beyonce’s version at President Obama’s Inauguration. And while I can understand the need for someone to pre-record and lip-sync the National Anthem when it comes to big events (avoided “train wrecks” and other assorted mistakes), there’s nothing quite like someone actually singing it “live”.

Alicia Key’s performance was nicely done. I have no critiques nor negative comments, other than the fact that it was a bit on the slow side, but that is her rendition. I am open to musical artists mixing it up and throwing their own personality and style into the National Anthem. It’s been done before, like Marvin Gaye’s version.

Anyway, it was refreshing to hear Alicia Keys sing the National Anthem “live”. More power to her…

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