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[Quotes] Favorites Quotes by Keith Jarrett

Keith Jarrett Piano

Note: The above video is the Keith Jarrett Trio performing “Answer Me, My Love”.

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By far my favorite Jazz/Classical artist is Keith Jarrett, arguably the most influential pianist of the latter half of the 20th Century.

These quotes are from Keith Jarrett’s biography, written by Ian Carr, who wrote various biographies about Jazz Artists, like Keith Jarret and Miles Davis.

Keith Jarrett Quotes

“I grew up with the piano, I learned its language while I learned to speak.”

“I’ve played in some very, very insignificant situations where I learned a lot; humdrum situations in which I was uncomfortable were often where I learned most from the musicians involved.”

“I moved to New York and starved for about five months… sitting at home twiddling my thumbs and playing the drums.”

“You’re never in a secure position. You’re never at a point where you have it all sewn up. You have to choose to be secure like a stone, or insecure but able to flow.”

“I believe that a truly valuable artist must be an artist who realizes the impossibility of his task —and continues to do it.”

“I think you have to be completely merciless with yourself.”

To me, normal communication is mystical communication. The most effective communication between members of a band is not the kind of communication you can describe, so you would say that’s mystical.”

“Ideally, I’d like to be the eternal novice, for then only the surprises would be endless.”

Here’s a nice website dedicated to Keith Jarrett: Keith Jarrett: His Life and Work

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