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A Raw Vegan Burrito


My goto food for transitioning to a Raw Food Diet is my recipe for a Raw Vegan Burrito.

Keep in mind, this recipe isn’t 100% Raw, but it IS 100% Vegan with Raw-Living Foods combined.

The big thing about this burrito is that it’s focused on fresh raw sprouts, and I get the Salad Sprouts from Whole Foods Market:

1. Whole Foods has the freshest sprouts of any supermarket in San Diego County.

2. The combination of various sprouts from Alfalfa to Broccoli is a very healthy mix.

3. Sprouts are actually a “living” food, meaning, it’s actually still “alive” when you buy it! In fact, when I wash my sprouts in a collander and then store them in a container in the fridge, a day or two later I’ll notice some growth! Being that the sprouts are plants and are still living, they have roots, stems and leafs and the moisture and air keeps it growing.

One big reason I’m transitioning back to a raw vegan lifestyle is that I felt my healthiest when I was on a raw vegan diet. And being that I’m aiming to go 70% raw and 30% vegan (approximately), I think it’s going to ensure that I get enough protein.

And, going back to a “paleo” type diet where I was eating a little beef again, plus chicken and seafood, didn’t make me feel healthy. Sure, I was able to eat pretty much like everyone else who’s on the Standard American Diet (SAD), but the differences were this:

1. I felt like I had tons of energy on a raw food diet. Whereas, I didn’t feel that same jolt of energy (no wonder meat eaters tend to consume more processed sugar products and caffeinated beverages!

2. I felt and looked younger. Once on the raw food diet, I had compliments where people thought I must’ve had a makeover or a facelift! But no, it was just the raw foods. And, I know for a fact (having been on both diets) that a meat eating diet will age you quicker than anything else.

3. It takes much, much longer for the body to digest and process animal products, especially beef. Of course, there is a lot of saturated fats in beef, and in chicken too. But if you do eat meat, it’s best to eat grass-fed, free-range, organic meats from Whole Foods, but who can honestly afford it?

Raw Vegan Burrito

Sorry there’s no picture of the Raw Vegan Burritos I usually make. Perhaps, I’ll add it at a later date.


1 Trader Joe’s Organic Flour Tortilla
1 Tsp. Veganaise
4-6 pieces of Trader Joe’s Mock Chicken Strips
3-4 Avocado Slices
Some Chopped White Onions
5-6 Baby Spinach Leaves
1 Bunch of Salad Sprouts from Whole Foods


1. Lay the tortilla on a flat plate.

2. Spread the Veganaise on the right side of the tortilla.

3. Place the Mock Chicken Strips and Avocado Slices on the left side, making room at the bottom of the tortilla to fold upward.

4. Add the Chopped White Onions, Baby Spinach, and Sprouts to the right of the Avocado and Mock Chicken.

5. Fold the bottom of the tortilla upward about 2 inches.

6. Roll the burrito from left to right, and make sure the Veganaise helps seal the burrito closed.

And that’s all there is to it!

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