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Sushi Bar Kazumi: Perennial Favorite, ReOpened!

Sushi Bar Kazumi

I was so happy to discover that Sushi Bar Kazumi has reopened!

Sadly, the longtime restaurant in Hillcrest had closed a couple of years ago, and my wife and I had been going to Sushi Bar Kazumi for years and years. We tried other Japanese Restaurants and Sushi Bars but always ended up going back to Sushi Bar Kazumi.

Sushi Bar Kazumi is my wife and myself’s favorite sushi bar in San Diego [period].

Kazumi San is a Master Sushi Chef with over 30 years experience, and it’s amazing to watch him create elegant sushi if you’re lucky enough to have a front row seat at the sushi bar. He’s very friendly to his customers and he’s so passionate and dedicated in the Art of making Sushi and Sashimi.


We’d been dining at Sushi Bar Kazumi way back when the restaurant was located in Kearny Mesa, and it was so nice to find out that it had reopened once again in Kearny Mesa, after all these years. It has truly come back full-circle!

He’s a true master, as he told us he was only allowed to make the sushi rice during the first 8 years of his apprenticeship! That’s 8 years of making sushi rice before he was allowed to make his first sushi roll.

I have to say, that getting the sushi rice perfect is so important in making sushi. I have been to restaurants where the sushi rice wasn’t prepared well. The sushi rice makes or breaks the sushi experience. I’ve even had some poorly made sushi in which the rice was just plain steamed rice and not sushi rice!

Anyway, I’m glad Kazumi San is back in business (we found out he’d reopened in May 2012, but better late than never) and we’ll be going to Sushi Bar Kazumi as many times as we can. And we’ll be bringing friends and family along.

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