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The Dilemma Concerning Oscar Pistorius, Guns and Cricket Bats

Oscar Pistorius

I was thinking the other day about the tragic death of Reeva Steenkamp, who was gunned down and killed by her boyfriend, Oscar Pistorius.

Whether it was an accident or pre-meditated murder, Reeva Steenkamp’s untimely death is truly a tragedy. On the other side of the coin, Oscar Pistorius is an Olympic Athlete who overcame his adversity as a double amputee to win gold at the Paralympic Games and competed in the Summer Olympics in London. And now, he faces the possibility of life in prison.

According to Oscar Pistorius’ own affidavit, he claims he killed her accidentally, thinking she was an intruder. It was pitch dark because he had closed all the windows/blinds in his bedroom, and he thought Reeva was still asleep in bed. After dating for a few months, Reeva decided to spend the night with Pistorius on the Eve of Valentine’s Day.

A few things come to mind when thinking about the tragedy that unfolded:

1. Oscar Pistorius lives in a plush, gated community more than likely in the rich, affluent side of Pretoria, South Africa. There were security guards patrolling this community.

2. Why didn’t Oscar Pistorius make certain that Reeva Steenkamp was still in bed, before thinking that the person behind the bathroom door was an intruder, and not Reeva? It’s just one of those things any person would do to rule out that an innocent person is behind a bathroom door rather than an intruder.

3. With the fact that Pistorius basically lived in a mansion, did he have a custom home security system to alert him if there was actually an intruder in the home?

4. Wouldn’t the average person realize that someone got out of bed to use the bathroom?

Too many things don’t add up in this scenario.

And it doesn’t look good for Oscar Pistorius. But, this could be another version of an O.J. Simpson trial, and with no witnesses around to have seen the murder unfold, Oscar Pistorius could be acquitted of all charges when he was actually guilty of murder.

But, not to jump to conclusions…

Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. The sad thing is, I don’t find the possible intruder scenario entirely plausible.

To the prosecution, they are thinking that something “went down” that night. Perhaps the couple had gotten into an argument that was blown out of proportions, given the fact that it was on the Eve of Valentine’s Day. One thing led to another, and Oscar Pistorius flew into a rage and became violent. He shot Reeva once in the bedroom, possibly hit her with the cricket bat. She tried to get away by locking herself in the bathroom. He chased her down and shot at her through the bathroom door. When he had come to his senses, he had to make it look like it was an accident somehow.

To the defense, this was just a horrific and tragic accident. Being that Pistorius was paranoid about his safety, given the fact that supposedly, there were death threats made against him, he had been on edge and mistook his girlfriend for an intruder.

He supposedly had a machine gun and a 9mm pistol in his bedroom for protection, and also a cricket bat which was later found bloodied. Forensics and DNA evidence will prove whether the blood on the bat was that of Reeva’s or not.

It’s definitely a case against the use of guns for safety. As is the case in many events around the world, the guns end up being used against innocent victims, instead of the imagined intruders and bad people they were meant for.

Very sad and tragic…

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