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Is Red Wine Not So Healthy After All?

Red Wine

For many years, I’ve heard the claim that Red Wine is quite good for you in moderation.

Many articles claimed that 1 or 2 glasses of red wine a day would help prevent heart disease and stroke by thinning the blood and diluting saturated fats in the blood stream.

There was even a 60 minutes segment promoting the benefits of Red Wine, and how the French typically have red wine with their high fat, butter-laden entrees! And as a whole, French people have a much lower incidence of heart disease then Americans. They call this the French Paradox. And I thought they mentioned that even children drink wine at restaurants in France (don’t quote me on it, but I thought that was what I’d heard).

One to Two Glasses Per Day?

And I even wrote a post awhile back touting The Joys and Benefits of Red Wine.

Red WineBut now I’m reading recent articles that claim the opposite, as if there is suddenly a backlash against Red Wine in general, making me think that perhaps all the hoopla about Red Wine’s benefits were just a big conspiracy created by the Wine industry to boost sales!

Truth, or Fiction?

Well, you know how it goes with us Americans. We are one sorry, massively brainwashed lot. We are constantly bombarded with commercials and advertisements and infomercials; sometimes it’s just confusing and almost impossible to decipher truth from fiction.

But, regarding Red Wine, the resveratrol found in this alcohol beverage is supposed to be anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflamatory, and beneficial to humans. But the question remains, just how much is in a glass of Red Wine and is it substantial to prove beneficial?

The Case Against Red Wine

Any many recent articles like this one simply claim that Red Wine isn’t all that healthy for you, after all. And some newer research claims that the amount of carcinogens outweighs the health benefits, and some claim there was really no connection to heart disease prevent anyway.

Moderation, What’s That?

In the end, “moderation” is the key, but the question again remains, just how much Red Wine is considered in moderation?

If the 1-2 glass recommendation per day is not so healthy after all, then what would be considered “in moderation”? What are the exact requirements per week, or per month for that matter?

Trust Your Instincts, But Don’t Be An Alcoholic!

As it stands, I actually seldom drink Red Wine but when I do it’s usually while dining out, and nowadays that isn’t very common and usually reserved for special occasions. I probably drink 2-3 glasses a month, tops! And I’m thinking in my mind that, well, that to me is moderation. And I’ll probably stick to that construct.

Of course, if you are drinking more than 2-3 glasses of Red Wine per day, then you might just have a drinking problem, but that’s another story.

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