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What Are Considered Healthy Triglyceride Levels?

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I confess it was quite a shock to me to find out that I had very high Triglyceride Levels.

What are considered healthy triglyceride levels?

Normal: Under 150 mg/dl
Borderline High: 151– 200 mg/dl
High: 201 – 499 mg/dl
Very High: 500 mg/dl or higher

My triglyceride level was 421.

But, in retrospect I kind of expected it.

1. I’d been confused about my diet lately, and found myself eating rice, bread and other grains. Naturally, after being a raw foodist for some years, I would have a relapse and my triglyceride levels would go up because of the grains.

2. Even though I may have lacked in the required protein (still wondering if I was getting enough protein), being on a raw foods diet was very healthy and I felt great. And, even though I was still on high blood pressure and blood thinning medication, my blood pressure was a very low 85/53 at one point.

3. I diet of mostly raw fruits and vegetables is a very healthy diet, and the alkalinity (as opposed to the acidity) of the diet was an added blessing. So, I must eat as much fresh raw fruits and veggies as possible.

4. My addiction to Starbucks mochas is an obvious factor that affects my triglyceride levels. And, until my doctor’s appointment on April 1st, I have decided to go cold turkey with the Starbucks beverages. At least for me, they are a dangerous drink and I must stay away.

All in all, I’m still depressed about my situation, also because I am different from other people and I can not eat the same things they eat. I must closely watch what I eat and stop eating grains, pasta, rice and other high glycemic foods. I know I probably shouldn’t eat certain fruits, which although healthy, just might be highly glycemic.

So, the challenge goes on to stay healthy…

And the good thing is, I don’t have a cholesterol problem.

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