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Liveblogging CNBC and the Stock Market

Stock Market

6:30am – And it’s the opening bell!

6:35am – CNBC reports that Apple stock has hit a 52-week low at about $426.38. The DOW is down about 40 points.

6:51am – Autonation ($AN) is on the spotlight at CNBC. The stock is gapping up the more they talk up the company.

7:06am – CNBC discusses Warren Buffett’s words of financial wisdom from his interviews on CNBC. They talk about his purchase of Heinz ($HNZ)

7:12am – Google ($GOOG) has reached all-time highs with a 52-week high at $814.40.

7:21am – Intuitive Surgical ($ISRG) is under fire recently, and its stock has tumbled on 2 separate non-consecutive days. About 43 percent of my stock portfolio is invested in $ISRG, so this is a big concern for me.

Intuitive Robot Probe Threatens Trend-Setting Surgeries

7:28am – President Obama makes a personnel announcement and it’s covered “LIVE” on CNBC.

**** BREAK ****

8:08am – Crude Oil dips below $90 a barrel.

8:12am – Yahoo ($YHOO) CEO Marissa Mayer’s ban on employees working from home was quite justified.

How Marissa Mayer Figured Out Work-At-Home Yahoos Were Slacking Off

Since she arrived, the company’s stock has experienced a steady climb.

10:15am – “Washington, Wall Street and Warren”. CNBC discusses The Oracle of Omaha.

Some years ago, Warren Buffett suggested to Steve Jobs that he buy back shares of Apple stock ($AAPL). He didn’t take Warren Buffett’s advice. The Oracle’s advice to to Tim Cook is the same, and raise the value of the company.

CNBC continues to analyze Warren Buffett’s mind, after he was on the TV show earlier this morning.

10:21am – CNBC: “[Warren Buffett is] still buying stocks because he sees some good value there”.

**** BREAK ****

10:45am – CNBC reports the tale of two stocks. Google ($GOOG) at an all-time high. Apple ($AAPL) at a 52-week low.


The Final Hour

12:06pm – Warren Buffett thinks that if he ate broccoli all his life he’d end up in a mental institution. LOL

12:31pm – The DOW is very close to an all-time high at around 14,116 points right now.

1:00pm – And it’s the closing bell. Second highest close for the DOW.

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