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Saturday Food Fight, Feelin’ Alright!

Japan Zen Food

Weekends are more like a food fight, or more like a food fest (sorry for the exaggeration).

But, with my current attempts at maintaining a Zen Diet, the weekends are a time when I can have cheat meals. This is the method to handle a system of eating in which one might fail and revert back to the old habits.

Cheat meals during the weekends allows one to get together with friends during the weekends where you can relax and let go a little. It’s very hard to follow a more disciplined diet when you’re getting together with friends and family on the weekends. So, why fight it, right. Also, it can be a reward system for being good for most of the week.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Breakfast – 11am

Starbucks Mocha ~ tall, no whip

Lunch – 1pm

Fried Rice ~ small bowl
Cured Pork ~ 1 small serving
Wrapper Vegetable Roll w/shrimp
Fried Fish ~ 1 small serving
Water ~ 1 glass, iced

Afternoon Tea – 4pm

Tilapia ~ 1 small fish, fried
Fried Rice ~ 1 serving
Water ~ 1 glass, iced

Dinner – 7pm

Chicken Caesar Wrap
Merlot ~ 1 glass

Late Evening

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