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eBar at Nordstrom’s Fashion Valley… Just Chillin’

Nordstrom Mall

This is my first time at Nordstrom’s eBar in Fashion Valley, and I’m digging the Mango Chill Smoothie!

My wife is shopping somewhere, so I’m just enjoying Wi-Fi access somewhere other than at home.

I’m hearing the sounds of some people in the table next to my table, and I can’t tell what language… but I’m guessing some Middle Eastern language… Farsi? The more I think about it, it sounds very Persian.

Testing Remote Connections

I’ve been testing out remote connections lately from various Starbucks Coffee Shops and Malls via their Wi-Fi networks.

Here’s what I’ve been testing:

  • 1. Chrome Remote Desktop

    This is a Chrome extension with App that allows you to connect to your home computer from another remote computer like a laptop, in my case my Macbook Air.

  • 2. Remote Network Management

    This is my home network in which I can connect remotely to manage the network and check on its status.

Remote iTunes Server

My next goal is to be able to connect to my Network Drive (NAS = Network Attached-Storage). For example, I want to be able to connect to my iTunes server connected on my NAS Drive, from any location around the world, so I can have the ability to connect and listen to my own music collection.

This will be essential when I want to stream my personal music collection when I’m on vacation in Hawaii or somewhere else.

I still haven’t figured out how to do this via my ASUS “Dark Knight” wireless router, so if anyone knows how to do this easily let me know.

Other than that I’m just chillin’…

Man, this Mango Smoothie tastes good!

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