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How ‘Bout Starting a Vlog? Errmm… Nuh Uh!!!


I think there is a sense of online sharing that I’m just not willing to go beyond, and that’s Vlogging.

Though, there is this whole slew of popular Vlogs on YouTube and these vloggers are seriously getting millions of hits every time they upload a video. They’ve become the new Rockstars of the World Wide Web.

Believe me, I’ve toyed with the notion of launching my own Vlog, but my sense of privacy just won’t let me go beyond the point of sharing tidbits of my Life on Twitter and Facebook, and sharing what I want to share on a regular blog.

It might not garner as many hits, but I’m happier that way.

I just treasure my privacy very much, which is something that is quickly becoming very valuable in this age of social networking and online sharing.

That said, I enjoy watching many popular Vlogs. And in fact, it’s become somewhat of an obsession lately.

Also, I don’t think I have the ability to just produce verbal diarrhea at will, and I’m really just a quiet individual who likes to express myself in the traditional musical ways of gigging.

So, for now, Vlogging will still be a notion in my head. Though, I’ll probably practice some Vlogging as a series of private video journals. That would be more my style. We’ll see…

But, I will definitely post my Top 10 favorite Vlogs, once I’ve seen enough to put together a Top 10 favorites list.

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