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I’m All For a Diet High in #RawFoods, But…

Oatmeal Blueberries Bananas

I’m having oatmeal w/blueberries & strawberries this morning…

…which i didn’t eat yesterday and i feel the difference!

Oatmeal is amazing!

Somehow, oatmeal really gives me the energy I need for later in the day, especially on a day when I have a gig later on, playing drums. Also, oatmeal definitely keeps one “regular”, if you know what I mean.

For years I avoided oatmeal, and not just because I used to find it rather bland. I was a Raw Foodist and naturally I didn’t eat cooked foods. Of course, now I know that all sorts of raw foods go well with oatmeal, like berries, nuts and seeds, and spices like cinnamon and raw sugar.

Now, I believe in raw foods. and I still eat them every single day. I just had some raw blueberries and sliced strawberries in my oatmeal. And I love big raw salads. not to mention raw smoothies and juices.

3 Reasons I Stopped Eating 100% Raw

Three significant things happened while on the raw food diet. These were symptoms that caused me to rethink continuing with a 100% raw food diet.

  • 1. I began to lose all my hair in clumps.
  • 2. I was always feeling cold, so cold that I would have to take hot baths every day just to warm my body up.
  • 3. I didn’t have as much energy and stamina when drumming.

Regarding the cold factor; maybe it’s a hereditary trait, with my ancestors living in a tropical climate. But even during the raw food diet, I had to drink hot beverages to keep myself warm, and I live in a fairly warm and sunny climate in San Diego!

With regards to my energy and stamina. The raw food diet made me feel good. I felt like I was on a natural high, and I thought I had the energy, stamina and endurance to drum hard for 4 hours. But when my fellow musicians were telling me to play harder, I was puzzled.

I needed to at least start eating seafood again to really get my endurance back up. Imagine Michael Phelps or Kobe Bryant on a raw food diet… I personally can’t picture it, to be honest. They are top athletes who can’t be on restrictive diets, and they need to burn so many calories that if they were on a raw food diet, they’d be spending all their free time trying to carb up for that competitive edge.

As for the hair… it was the first time I started losing hair in clumps. It was frightening. And I talked to a few other raw foodists who experienced the same thing. One resorted to “raw milk” and “raw cheese” just to get enough protein. Hair is almost all protein.

I Still Believe in a High Raw Diet

Anyway, I would say that my diet is “high raw” with a focus on seafood for added protein, B12, etc. And I will eat an occasional burger or some chicken. But I DO emphasize a LOT of greens, and some fruits (but not too much).

I know, a few of my raw food friends will have a fit over this post, but I think that you base your diet on your specific needs, and I do believe that some people will benefit greatly from a raw food diet, or at least 75% raw, especially if they have a certain physical illness or condition that may improve by going on a raw food diet.

I encourage everyone to experiment and see which foods give you the most energy, and which ones give you a greater sense of well-being. And also, experiment with foods that improve your mental and physical performance… very important. And go from there…

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