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Playing Catch Up: A Bit of An Update


A LOT had happened over the weekend, enough good and bad things that I just needed to post about it.

The Good

The good stuff: I had a couple of GREAT gigs this past Saturday and Sunday. I played once again with my favorite band and my favorite venue… Smokestaxx at The Coyote Bar & Grill. And, I gigged with a very talented guitarist whom I haven’t played with in a long, long time. He’d called me because his regular drummer had a business event and couldn’t make the gig. It was very last minute, so I had to just walk in and do the gig, and it all went well. And, it was fun to gig with him again after all these years.

The Bad

The bad stuff: After Saturday’s gig my SUV had engine problems on the long drive home (which was an hour and eight minute drive). I couldn’t figure out what was wrong and I couldn’t go no more than 45 mph on the highway. A Border Patrol vehicle was suspicious about me and at the checkpoint I was pulled over to the side for interrogation. I’m Filipino but most people who don’t know my background mistake me for an Hispanic, and so did these Border Patrol officers. They first asked if I was a U.S. Citizen, believe it or not. I said I am, and they asked for my driver’s license. They asked where I was coming from, and I thought he said, “Where are you going to?” and I said I live in Scripps Ranch, and they started getting even more suspicious and repeated the question. And I said I came from yada yada yada casino. They even asked if I was texting because I was going so slow and they said my right wheels were on the right solid line. I said no, and that I was struggling with the vehicle because it was about to stall on me.

To make a long story short, I asked the officers if I could add some oil to my engine and they said yes but ahead of the squad car in front of me. It must’ve been 29F degrees because I was shivering as I was adding a couple quarts of oil. It looked like that did it because the SUV was moving like normal again, but I knew I had another gig for Sunday so I was kinda worried.

On Sunday, heading to my next gig, the SUV truly was stalling on me and I had to pull off the freeway very quickly. I called my bandleader and he and our bassist (who lives near me, actually) came to the rescue. We loaded my drums into two vehicles and were able to make it to the gig on time and setup with help from other bandmates. At the very least, I got some big help and I was able to do the gig.

Afterwards, they drove me and my drums back home. Then my wife and I had to drive our other car to where the SUV was stalled and then called AAA to have it towed. It took about 30 minutes and it was already getting late and it was cold. As the guy was loading my SUV onto the Tow Truck, it started raining!

We dropped off my SUV at my mechanic’s, and had to pay extra because it was over the 7 mile limit. But at this point I’m just glad it was towed to the mechanic’s so they could take a look at it.

The Ugly

On an unrelated note: We played on Super Bowl Sunday and the team I was rooting for won the Super Bowl! Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks for beating Quarterback Peyton Manning and the best Offense in the NFL. Of course, Seattle has the No. 1 Defense in the NFL this year and they proved it without a shadow of a doubt. They are a young, fast team and it looked like Peyton Manning and the Broncos didn’t know what hit ‘em!!!

It was brutal. It was ugly. And it looked like the Broncos didn’t show up to play! Sure, Peyton Manning said they had nothing to be embarrassed about. Okay, yes you made it to the Super Bowl. But, it wasn’t even a game! They got beat so bad it wasn’t even funny! Now that’s embarrassing!

Okay, I’m out. Wish me luck with the SUV. Hope it can be repaired.

Additional Note: The photo of the drumset above is that of world class fusion drummer Akira Jimbo. That would be a dream set for me!

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