Down 2,400+ Points in One Week!

Imagine the DOW falling more than 2,400 points in one week.
Last week. Unheard of, and never before has this happened in the history of the Dow Jones Industrial Average!

And I’m still trying to wrap my head around this, as this morning stocks are rebounding in a big way, but not enough to recover what was lost in the past two weeks.

The stock market is trying to recover, but I can tell this will be a slow and grueling process, with some setbacks along the way.

Getting everything back isn’t going to happen overnight. This could take several weeks, even months. I remember when a similar drop happened in 2016.

Winners and Losers

Obviously, with a nice Monday rally, most of my portfolio is in the green.

Here are the top winners in the first hour of trading: SHOP, AAPL, CAT, BA

Today’s losers so far: JNJ, ING, ISRG

And almost at the one hour mark, we are seeing this rally begin to lose some steam.

Note: The stock market is subject to volatility. Trade at your own risk!

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