3 Mystical Ways to Start the New Year

3 Mystical Ways to Start the New Year

I’m into alternate ideas and suggestions to kick off the New Year.

Sometimes New Year’s Resolutions get a bad rep. The word resolution itself gets a bad rep as something one wants to accomplish in the New Year.

I can see that. But, there’s nothing wrong with setting goals or things one might want to accomplish in this New Year. And, the word resolution is actually a goal. Just another name for it.

But let’s look and see what the dictionary actually has to say about the word resolution. Just so we’re all on the right page:


1. A firm decision to do (or not to do) something.

2. The action of solving a problem, a dispute, or contentious matter.

Whichever word you choose, either resolution or goal, the end result is to take action to accomplish something.

Whether it’s to lose weight, to travel abroad, or to break a Guinness world record, it is the action we desire and the end result of that action.

Thus, we need a plan to formulate a course of action to reach that end result.

But let me introduce some concepts that might be a little different from the typical goals of losing weight, or to quit smoking, or exercise more.

3 Mystical Ways

  • What better way to dive into the mystical realm. By abstaining from food, one follows the greats like Jesus who fasted for 30 days and 30 nights, and experienced a mystical journey of good versus evil.

    Fasting is a very personal thing. Mahatma Gandhi fasted as a form of protest against the tyranny of British rule, and succeeded in liberating India to become an independent nation.

    Although the medical profession will suggest that you must be under a doctor’s supervision if you are to actually carry out a fast (especially a water only fast), most healthy adults can go without food from one to three days without much of a problem. It’s just the will power to do it that is the big obstacle.

    But many people have talked about gaining much clarity and insight when on a fast. Because you are resting most of your internal organs during a fast, you are diverting your mind and body to other things that could become more enlightening.

    And thus, fasting is my number one mystical way for the New Year.

Studying Eastern Scriptures
  • The reading of esoteric Eastern religious scriptures.

    What better way to gain some insight into the mystical realm than to begin the New Year studying some ancient words of wisdom.

    My main focus has been any ancient scriptures coming from Tibet, and the more esoteric, the better!

    Sure, we can all read The Bible, The Koran… but Tibetan Buddhism? As far as mystical it’s off the charts!

    And of course, there are the ancient scriptures from India, like the Upanishads.

    A favorite of my is The Dhammapada by Gautama Buddha. But anything by Confucius or Lao Tsu would be quite mystical as well.

Silence & Stillness
  • Practice silence. Practice stillness.

    Sit with eyes closed in a quiet place that becomes your power spot.

    Focus on breathing. Concentrate on a focal point. Usually it’s the breath, but it can be anything from a religious deity to visualizing a clear blue ocean and sky.

    Dwell in this mystical peace, and achieve your clarity.

    Non-action is action. For it is the intent of non-action that brings about action.

    Then gather your thoughts and plans for the New Year in clarity.

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