3 Popular Vegan Blogs That Prove You’re Not Alone

Are you the only Vegan in your neighborhood?

Perhaps you feel you’re the only Vegan within a 100 mile radius. I feel the same way sometimes.

Being a Vegan can seem like a lonely affair. But trust me…

You are not alone…

On the contrary. More and more people are joining the Vegan bandwagon for the following reasons:

  • To adopt a plant-based diet.
  • Concern for the planet.
  • To save the animals.
  • For health and longevity.

Search Engines Don’t Lie

A quick look at Google Trends and you can see that a search for the keyword Vegan has been rising over the years, and more so than say, Paleo.

The rising popularity of a Vegan Lifestyle seems to be heading into the mainstream. Even popular celebrities have been known to experiment or switch over to Veganism. Jay-Z and Beyoncé come to mind, and I believe Oprah has experimented with a more plant-based diet as well.

3 Popular Vegan Bloggers

Here’s my list of highly popular Vegan bloggers, showing us there is a great interest in the Vegan Lifestyle, and that people are switching to a more plant-based diet for healthy and ethical reasons.


Minimalist Baker

Alexa Rank: 19,903 ~ Google Page Rank: 4

Minimalist Baker is hands-down my favorite Vegan blog right now. The stunning foodie photography alone is worth a visit to this site. They certainly make Vegan baking and cooking an inspirational endeavor, and they strive for recipes with less ingredients. Created by husband and wife team, John & Dana, Minimalist Baker offers tons of great recipes, a 31 recipes digital cookbook, a Food Photography School (which I’m very interested in taking), and a blogger resources page which I find quite useful.


Oh She Glows

Alexa Rank: 18,822 ~ Google Page Rank: 5

Oh She Glows is a new find for me, but I quickly found out this is one of the most popular Vegan blogs on the web. Angela Liddon is the author, based on her best-selling book, The Oh She Glows Cookbook,


The Vegan Stoner

Alexa Rank: 945,592 ~ Google Page Rank: 5

The Vegan Stoner is a trip (no pun intended). Not anywhere near as popular as the previous two, this blog has a certain character and flair that I like. And the illustrations and photography are total eye candy (very pinnable). The recipes are simple and down-to-earth. A definite new favorite for me.

Check out The Vegan Stoner Cookbook on Amazon.



Carlos Rull

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