3 Ways To Save with Online Promotions, Coupons and Value Books

Being More Frugal

I know of a few people who are exeptionally thrifty and can take advantage of promotions and coupons and come away from the supermarket saving quite a bit of money and, I’ve done that too when I actually set my mind to it. It’s important to follow through and be persistent in order to generate savings.

The following tips might be considered common sense, but the idea is to make it a weekly habit to save money. But you have to ask yourself, are you truly making this a habit to save? Be aware of the money you are spending and make it a habit to constantly look out for special deals out there, and save.

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1. Online Coupon Sites

I confess that taking advantage of cost savings through the use of online coupons and promotional discounts is something I never really jumped into until recent years. Savings.com is a great site to find online coupons and promotional codes so that you can use them and save when shopping for products and services online.

Everything from Home Depot coupons to Drugstore.com promo codes can be found on the site, as well as special deals for airfare, hotel rooms and car rentals to save on your next vacation.

For the latest deals it helps to subscribe to Savings.com’s blog or sign up for their newsletter.

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2. Entertainment Value Books

Entertainment Value Book

These can be purchased through fundraising programs, maybe through elementary school, girl scouts, and so on. Basically, for $19.99 you get a book with tons of coupons for special deals at movie theaters and restaurants that can be found in your local area.

Even though these value books are only good for the current year, and it’s not likely (realistically) that you will use up ALL COUPONS in the book, just by using maybe a third to half of the book will bring you substantial savings.

Entertainment Value Book

Even just using up all the coupons for movies theaters in this book will at the very least help pay for itself. So, the savings are truly there. My wife and I like to use these value books for saving money on the movies and eating at local restaurants. You might even find special coupons to buy these books online for much less than the $19.99 fundraiser price! But, do some research online… I think you can get this book for less than $10.00.

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3. Store and Supermarket Coupons

This last tip is a bit of a no-brainer. If you’ve ever read the Sunday paper you’ll find pages of coupons within, mostly to save money when shopping at the local supermarkets. This can be a tough one if none of the coupons are for products you really use. But, usually there are some that I find useful, especially in the way of cereals, cosmetics and household cleaners.

Also, stores like Borders can provide coupons that can be sent to your email inbox, and printed out for substantial savings on their books and other items. My wife uses coupons that she gets via email from her favorite stores, like Victoria’s Secret, Ann Taylor and even Bed, Bath and Beyond. You might be able to get these coupons via regular mail if you’re on their mailing list. But I think that you can save even more if you receive their email newsletters.

During Hard Economic Times The Tough Go Shopping… with Coupons!

According to many reliable news sources, the economy has not fully recovered from the housing market and Wall Street crisis that has been affecting us since 2008. With rising costs in fuel, I’m sure this affects everything else we buy at the store, because that simply means that the costs to ship these products dramatically increases.

For me, the current economic conditions and the slowdown of job opportunities have forced me to become more frugal in my day-to-day living. Especially when one is self-employed and a freelancer, one is acutely aware of the costs of everything and forces one to be on a tighter budget.

But even if the economy is on a roll, so to speak, we should all be taking advantage of the coupons and special promotions in order to save money, so that we can put some of it away to invest, for our children’s college funds, or to just save it for a rainy day… but don’t forget the vacations!



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