4 Really Cool Yoga Muscle T-Shirts with the Om Symbol

If you’re on the lookout for some cool men’s yoga clothes, the following yoga t-shirts are pretty cool.

I personally prefer muscle t-shirts, or sleeveless shirts (but that’s just me).

These muscle t-shirts feature the Om Symbol on them, and these look they would be great for doing a yoga routine.

Actually, I own the first one, but it’s pretty faded and worn out right now. Thus, I’m on the lookout for some new yoga shirts.


Om Muscle T-Shirt No. 1

This is one that I personally bought a few years ago, and I’m glad that it’s still available on Amazon.com! I bought the black one and have been very happy with it.

Well, I pretty much wore it out, so I’ll have to buy another one. I think I would get both the red and the black shirts.


Om Muscle T-Shirt No. 2

This looks like a great muscle t-shirt for yoga.

I just might get this before No. 1, being that I already bought that one. This No. 2 has a more cut, tighter fit, whereas the previous muscle t-shirt has a looser fit around the waist, which I think is more “forgiving” for those with a bit of bulge to work on. And sometimes ya just like it looser around the waist anyway.


Om Muscle T-Shirt No. 3

This one is basically the same as No. 2, but with an inverted Om Symbol surrounded by a circle. Personally, not my first choice but it’s a nice variation.

Once again this one is also rather fitted.

I personally think the Om Symbol is positioned a little bit too high on the shirt. I would bring it down a couple of inches to balance with the rest of the shirt. Other than that, great shirt.


Om Muscle T-Shirt (tank top)

This one is a tank top as opposed to a “sleeveless” muscle t-shirt.

I like this one too. This would be better suited for super hot weather.

Now, all these shirts are available in 3-4 different colours.



Carlos Rull

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