4×4: Musings About Piano, Drums, Stocks and Gardening…

Solo Piano Endeavors

I feel bad because of last Wednesday solo piano performance.
I understand that there will be good days and bad days, but I guess I was tired and there’s been a LOT going on in my life. For one, on that same day after the piano gig, I had to sign papers with a notary regarding the Refinancing my wife and I have been going through. And on top of that, I had another appointment with a gardener,
which just made the whole day pretty busy.

I like to do certain things to prepare for my gigs, and when that’s compromised, it gets a bit difficult to prepare for the gig mentally. It’s like what Lea Salonga confessed on her blog that she has a certain routine she goes through when she was performing as Fantine in Les Miserables. She had to listen to certain songs, and do certain little things just to mentally prepare.

Anyway, I’m taking more precautions in preparing for my piano gig tomorrow, like having a fresh set list to work off of. I think tomorrow will be better.

Spicing Up The Electronic Drums

My new QSC K12 2-Way Powered Speaker – 1000 Watts, 1×12″ was a big hit at the gig this past Sunday. I’m really happy with it so far… a great investment in my drum sound. It’s a powered speaker that is rated at 1,000 watts of power. To be honest, it was plenty loud and I only had it set to 1/4 on the dial.

And I know I don’t need a subwoofer now. The low end definitely has presence!

Key Stocks On The Watch List

I’m looking at a couple of stocks to buy again, namely SDT and BPT. Other than that, I’m holding on to dividend stocks for the long run.

The market isn’t doing great today, so it’s a down day. I always monitor the stock market in the mornings to see what’s up.

Progress In The Garden

Been focused on the garden lately, because it’s Spring and the weather has been gorgeous here in San Diego, so I need to take advantage of nice weather before it gets too hot!

Of course, I’ve been especially focused on the Rose Garden, pruning and trimming, fertilizing and watering. But also taking the time to cultivate the soil all around and introducing some mulches, compost and other amendments.

And that is all for now…



Carlos Rull

Carlos Rull is a musician living in the San Diego area. His interests include Yoga, Eastern Philosophy, Zen Buddhism, and Gardening. He plays drums, piano, and composes New Age & Ambient music, and his albums are available on iTunes and Amazon.com.

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