5 Day Hiking Sites You Might Be Interested In

NOW AND THEN I share links about various topics I’m interested in, and lately it’s been hiking and backpacking.

I’m preparing to go on a serious multiple-day backpacking trip someday (who wants to go with me), but for now it’s all about day hikes!

1. DayHiker.com

This is a great, informative site that focuses on day hiking. This particular page covers The Grand Canyon’s famous Rim to Rim Trail.

This is one of the best day hikes in the world, and a must do for the serious marathon day tripper.

2. REI.com

Of course, REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc.) has thrived on selling clothing and equipment for the outdoors type, and they also specialize in hiking gear. Check out their checklist of essentials for hiking and backpacking.

3. AllTrails.com

AllTrails is a great site for helping you keep track of all the day hikes you’ve completed. And, most of the popular and essential hikes in your local area will be listed here, so all you have to do is check-in so that the GPS tracking can verify that you’ve completed the course.

I must confess that this site makes you want to look up all the local hikes and complete all of them. Remember to pace yourself so you don’t get injured. But it’s nice to know you completed most (or all) of the local hikes in your area.

4. Guide to Day Hiking: Getting Started

There’s a lot of info already on the web, and sometimes I just need to link to the good stuff instead of write another article. So here’s a nice web page on getting started with day hiking.

5. OPAdventureTeam.com

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OPAdventureTeam is a great resource for day hiking and backpacking! These guys have already been on numerous day hikes and backpacking trips throughout Southern California and beyond, and they’ve been to the top of Mt. Whitney twice, if I’m not mistaken.

They also have some good videos on YouTube to check out and learn from. This is a highly recommended site to explore and learn.



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