5 Frugal Activities For A Beautiful Sunday Morning

5 Frugal Activities for a Beautiful Sunday Morning

Here are 5 frugal activities that I’m sure you will enjoy on a beautiful Sunday morning.

There’s a tendency to equate frugal living with being cheap, but we live in a culture that emphasizes material wealth and indulgence over things that are essentially FREE.

Many of us have fallen victim to the big advertising and promotional machines that spend billions of dollars telling us what we need, and what we should spend our hard-earned money on.

It’s important to step outside of ourselves and see that we don’t have to spend a lot in order to enjoy the nicer things in life. Frugal living teaches us to get by with less, to simplify our lives, to look for bargains; even if we DO have the money to spend on more extravagant offerings.

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Needless to say, a beautiful Sunday Morning is a good time to re-assess our habits and start anew as we begin the start of a new week. Here are 5 frugal activities that will help you save money, will still enrich your life, and help you enjoy your Sunday.


Make Your Own Breakfast vs Going to Brunch

Yes, the frugally challenged might feel inclined to go out with family and friends for Sunday Brunch. On a beautiful Sunday morning it would just seem too obvious. Instead, make a special breakfast at home and save a bit of money and gasoline. Have it out on the patio or balcony in the privacy of your own home. Or have breakfast in bed!


Literally Speaking, Take A Hike!

If you’re fortunate enough to have hiking trails near your neighborhood, then by all means take the opportunity to enjoy a gorgeous Sunday Morning outside in the fresh air and sunshine. Hike the trails, even if they are 20 minutes to a half hour away. Of course, always bring enough water and food, a compass if it’s out in rugged terrain, and bring protective gear and sunscreen.

Of course, if you’re more into cardio routines like biking, running, or swimming, by all means go and do that.

Or, take a stroll along the beach or in the park.


Read the Sunday Paper Online

Yes, this is a given. I figure that in this day and age, we all read the Sunday paper online. But if you already get the Sunday newspaper at your doorstep, then take the time to go through the coupons section and cut out some needed items and save.


Do A Sunday Morning Yoga Routine

Your body, mind and spirit will thank you when you decide to get on that Yoga mat and do some Sun Salutations and get into your favorite Yoga Routine. Position yourself so that you are facing East and watching the sunrise as you do your routine.


Play A Musical Instrument, Or Start

You can pick up that guitar, or get on a piano or keyboard and start playing that instrument. You’d have to invest in the musical instrument first, but once you do Sunday mornings are the best time to play. It doesn’t really require any price of admission to play an instrument, other than the initial investment, and most people have free time on Sundays so… what better time than Sunday morning to play your instrument?

Well, out of the 5 frugal activities, I confess this might be the most costly if you have to invest in a musical instrument (if you don’t have one already). But, the initial investment will go a long way.

I hope these 5 frugal activities for a beautiful Sunday morning will help you save money, yet still allow you to enjoy your day. If you have any other suggestions for spending a frugal Sunday, please let me know in the comments below.

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