5 iPhone Apps to Use While Waiting in Line at Starbucks

So you find yourself in a long line at Starbucks, while waiting patiently to order your hot beverage.

Your natural inclination is to use your iPhone and check email or incoming texts.

But wait… there’s more you can do with an iPhone, thanks to the thousands of Apps available for download.

Here’s a list of a few apps that might come in handy while you’re waiting to order that Cafe Mocha.

Recommend an iPhone App: Have we missed a great iPhone App? Let us know in the comments section below. What is your favorite for those long waits?


Starbucks iPhone App

Starbucks AppOf course, you’ll want to be able to use your iPhone to purchase your Starbucks beverage. The Starbucks iPhone App allows you to add funds to your account, and check your balance so that you can reload. This will probably be the first app you’ll use while waiting in line, just in case you are low on funds. If you are a Gold Card member you can check for FREE drink rewards, too!

Of course, being able to pay for your beverage with your iPhone will be the highlight of your visit. Be proud!


CNN App for the iPhone

CNN AppCNN has a new and improved App for quickly checking the news during those extremely long waits. You get “live streaming video” of breaking news, in an improved interface that you can “flip” up and down, and sideways.


Feedly for iPhone

Feedly AppFeedly for iPhone is an excellent iPhone App for checking for updates to your favorite websites. Not just a great RSS feed reader, but a more intuitive one where you can select topics and Feedly will grab feeds from related sites. The user interface is also excellent and intuitive, and highly customizable.


Facebook for iPhone

Facebook AppChances are you already use the most popular social network in the world, but are you using the mobile App? Facebook for iPhone has improved considerably over the last year, and it’s faster than ever. Catch up on your social contacts while waiting in line, and chances are the time will go by incredibly fast!


Fun Run

Fun RunLooking for a quick game to pass the time away while waiting in those long Starbucks lines? Fun Run is just the one for you. It’s a 2-dimensional game that offers quick runs through virtual terrain against other challengers, either in multi-player mode or in practice mode.



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