8 Ways to Save Water Right Now

glass of waterToday is World Water Day.

It’s a day that allows us to appreciate the importance of fresh water; for drinking, bathing and other necessities.

National Geographic noted that only 2.5% of Earth’s water supply is fresh and drinkable and fit for human consumption, but out of that 2.5 percent, two thirds of that is actually frozen in the polar ice caps! That leaves roughly about 1% for human consumption, for our crops and farm animals, for bathing, for our lawns, etc.

So, we should all observe the importance of water in our lives.

Water Conservation

It’s important for all of us to help conserve water, especially in regions like Southern California where water is actually scarce because of the general dry desert climate. Most of the water in SoCal is transported from outside of the region, yet it’s a heavily populated area.

In an effort to practice water conservation and to fight the rising costs of water for economic reasons, here are some daily routines in which we use water, and can adopt more water saving habits:

Water is a basic requirement for all life, yet water resources are facing increasing demands from, and competition among, users. In 1992, the UN General Assembly designated 22 March of each year as the World Day for Water. —from WorldWaterDay.org

8 Ways to Save Water Right Now

  • 1. Washing your hands. For general health and sanitary reasons, washing our hands is unavoidable. But, we can save water here by not letting the water run while we lather our hands with soap, and only let the water run when rinsing.
  • 2. Use of a hand sanitizer. These lotions have become very popular lately, as an alternative to actually washing hands. In situations where there is no wash basin available, this is a good alternative when out and about. And, it’s also a good practice to use hand sanitizer to save water at home too.
  • 3. Watering the lawn. In many cities now, there are ordinances that restrict the watering of lawns to 3 times per week. But, it’s good practice here to cut lawn watering to at least every other day. And, adjust sprinklers so that they are watering only the lawn or garden, and not watering the sidewalks and patios.
  • 4. Only water in the mornings and evenings. To reduce water loss through evaporation, it’s necessary to water lawns and gardens early in the morning or late in the evening.
  • 5. Taking a shower. People usually take a daily shower for the obvious cleanliness reasons. So, it’s important to make sure the showerhead is replaced with one that is water efficient and water saving. Putting a bucket in the shower will also capture some of the water for later use when watering the lawn and garden.
  • 6. Taking a bath. For those who like to take hot baths, getting by with filling the bathtub only halfway (or less) would save gallons of water. This habit might even save more water than taking a shower.
  • 7. Shaving. This is another daily routine in which we can practice water conservation and save. By turning off the water while actually shaving, and only using water when rinsing. Or instead of letting the water run, use the stopper to have water on hand during shaving, letting the water run when rinsing.
  • 8. Reclaiming the kitchen sink water. Having a plastic bucket that fits into your kitchen sink is very handy for water conservation. It captures water when rinsing fruits and vegetables, or when washing dishes by hand. The captured water can then be used to water the garden.

Frugal Living meets Water Conservation

The above tips are definitely related to frugal living, as the need to lower our water bill also fulfills our need to conserve water. With only 1% of the Earth’s water supply being fit for drinking and bathing, this small supply is becoming increasingly in high demand, as human population increases.

For more tips on water conservation, a great resource to visit is: WaterUseItWisely.com



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