Adaptability Amidst the Challenges


This morning the family is down to just one reliable vehicle. We actually have two, but our old 1995 BMW is really just good for local distances, and two of our vehicles are at the mechanics. So, we truly have one reliable vehicle to share between 4 adults.

My oldest son is doing the Carlsbad Half Marathon this morning, and my youngest son has to go to work. And so, we have to carpool and make things work.

Which brings me to my thoughts on adaptability and circumstances beyond our control.

We as humans try to make our lives more manageable by staying organized, staying disciplined.

But things happen. Obstacles and problems arise, and it is our strength to weather the storms under pressure.

We have to roll with the punches.

Or else we get knocked down. But that may happen too, and it’s up to us to get back up and go at it again.

And our strength lies in how we adapt and improvise in our day-to-day efforts, while remaining calm, cool and collected.

Pranayama and the Power of Breathe

I have always believed that breathe is the power of Life, and in a literal way this is true. Without the air we breathe, we would perish in a few minutes.

But, what I’m referring to is the power to breathe, and the ancient practice of Yoga includes the art of pranayama, or control one’s breath.

Many times it has gotten me through the day, and I try practice alternate nostril breathing everyday. And I also practice my cool calming breath as well as the warrior’s breath during Yoga asanas.

It’s amazing how our attitude and demeanor can change just by controlling the breath.

Practice intentional, controlled breathing daily, and it will get you through a tough day.

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