Adele, The Grammy’s and the Flu from Hell…

I’ve already posted many times here that I’m a big Adele fan, and especially a big fan of her new album ’25’. For now, I’ll not go through the trouble of posting links, but anyone can do a search on this site and find the appropriate Adele articles.

I attended one of the 8 sold out shows at Staples Center in Los Angeles, last year. And, it was my first time seeing her in concert. She exudes a lot of confidence when she’s in her own element, yet is very humbled about the whole fame thing.

Now, last night she did two performances at The Grammy’s. She opened up the show with none other than, “Hello”. And, although she was a little flat on a couple of the opening notes, and also had an expression on her face that might’ve had nerves, once she belted out that chorus, you could tell she eased up and really drove the song home.

Now, last year she had some technical difficulties with the piano microphone dropping inside the piano. This made for some terrible notes that caused Adele to be pitchy. And the song she did was one of her most difficult (vocally) to do. I heard she cried all day following this marginalized performance.

But last night she suddenly stopped her performance of ‘Fast Love’, her tribute to George Michael. Basically saying she wasn’t going to do this again, and had the backing orchestra start from the top! Yes, this is unheard of in the history of The Grammy’s, but the second time through she did the song justice and got standing ovations for it. In fact, she was being cheered when she initially stopped the music.

Now, in my humblest opinion, good move on her part and in wanting to do the song right for George Michael, a fellow countryman. After all, this is Adele we’re talking about here, a young lady from England who has swept the Grammy’s twice now. And, credited for bringing the music industry back on its feet!

The music industry owes her a lot, but it’s her undeniable contralto singing and songs from the heart that have put her on the musical map.

Okay, now for the flu…

I’ve been sick with the flu since Tuesday last week!

It just hit me suddenly, and I thought I was going to die, I’m still knocking on wood here, because the congestion and coughing is the worse I’ve experienced this far. This was a brutal flu for me, and yes, I failed to get a flu shot.

Anyway, I can feel that I’m in recovery mode this week, but still feeling weak and have not been eating much at all. I know I lost a ton of weight, but I just don’t have the appetite back yet. And I’m being very selective as certain foods can stimulate more coughing, like this vegan ranch dressing my wife bought me.

Okay, I hope to recover full in the next day or next.

Wish me luck…



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