Amanda Hendrick Documents Her Journey to Veganism

Amanda Hendrick

Fashion Model Amanda Hendrick has a nice video on YouTube, documenting her journey to a Vegan lifestyle.

Amanda Hendrick is the Scottish model who gained attention for being ‘too thin’.

Amanda Hendrick – who appeared on the cover of Vogue – was pulled from a clothes catalogue in 2011 because she looked underweight.

It sparked a massive debate on body image and healthy eating and at the time, she denied she suffered from an eating disorder.

But in a brave video blog Amanda, now 25, has admitted for the first time that she battled anorexia and a drug habit during her career.

Her Journey to Veganism

I found her video interesting because I can relate that she is surrounded by family and friends who are big meat eaters. She also suffered from Yo-Yo dieting and eating disorders, along with a drug habit, before getting back on track by going Vegan.

Also, her complexion is radiant. And that’s one of the classic characteristics of many Vegans, that their complexion and skin improves dramatically, as long as one eats lots of fruits and vegetables.

Freelee and Durianrider

Amanda Hendrick also talks about Freelee the Banana Girl and how she has unfollowed Freelee on YouTube, and she explains her reasoning. She does, however, owe her gratitude to Freelee for introducing her to the Vegan lifestyle. The problem is that Freelee and her significant other, Durian Rider, typically take to bashing other people (many celebs and popular Vloggers) in a negative way. So, I agree with Amanda Hendrick that the negative bashing isn’t the way to go in promoting the Vegan movement in a positive way. A Vegan lifestyle is a personal journey and one shouldn’t bash others who aren’t Vegan.

To me, the diet is all about compassion and understanding. I only document being Vegan to tell my own personal story. And for me the Vegan diet is in tune with my Yoga practice. I’m seriously considering dropping the Vegan label and calling this dietary lifestyle the Yoga Diet. More on this in future posts.



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