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#Amazon to Cut #WholeFoods Prices in All-Out Grocery War

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#Amazon to Cut #WholeFoods Prices in All-Out Grocery War

First off, I will disclose that I have shares in both Amazon and Whole Foods stocks.

I’m glad Amazon bought Whole Foods Market. I can see some positive changes, like proposed special deals at Whole Foods for Amazon Prime members.

Whole Foods shares gapped up yesterday after the announcement of shareholders voting in favor of the Amazon buyout.

It’s not certain how Whole Foods stock will perform in the coming months. I see good things happening since I’m both a shareholder and a consumer of these two companies. So, I have faith that they will join in a move toward greater things happening for both companies.

I’m glad that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos decided to retain Whole Foods identity and name brand. That’s a good thing, as Martha Stewart would say.

finviz dynamic chart for  AMZN finviz dynamic chart for  WFM
garden daisies
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