America Has Always Been Great Because of Technology!

America Has Always Been Great Because of Technology!

Special Note: I’m through with politics, and I’m making a commitment not to post anything political from here on out. Why? Because, all this bickering between right-wing and left-wing is such utter nonsense when you think about it, and I believe it’s counter-productive to our society as a whole. If anything, there is nothing positive coming out of politics these days, and it only serves to divide us all and perhaps that is what the big folks pulling the strings want us to be, a divided nation. Because when you divide a country, that country is less united. United we stand, divided we fall. So, no sir, I’m no longer going to post anything political anymore. Not worth the time and effort. I’ll post personal experiences and more positive things, but not the ‘P’ word. I was never a political person anyway.

American Tech Has Always Been Great

But, I will say this… America has been great because of our technology.

The whole American dream about founding a company from a garage, that whole fantasy, has driven American entrepreneurs and computer geeks to great successes in this country.

Technology has come a long way in America. The hackers of America. The college dropouts. It all started a technology revolution that goes beyond politics and encompasses our current way of life in America and around the world.

Companies like Apple have re-created great products like the iPhone, and although the iPhone wasn’t the first, it was Apple that took the product of the smartphone to new levels. And now, I see almost everyone out there with an iPhone, even young people. It’s revolutionary and although we might take it for granted, technology is moving at a very fast pace.

Anyway, I believe in technology companies, and there are a few tech companies to invest in because they are the way of the future.



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