An Ultimate Computer Desktop Setup?

An Ultimate Computer Desktop Setup?

Usually, my philosophy is simplicity when it comes to my own computer setup. I’m happy to just kick around a sleek little 13″ Macbook Air. Something similar to this. Just a simple workstation on a table.

However, my upstairs computer workstation is a bit more elaborate (photo above), although I no longer use the old HP laptop (too slow).

But, I do admire when someone takes the time, planning and $$$ to really build an ultimate computer workstation. And Justin Tse’s setup is pretty awesome. I like the modular desk from Ikea, for starters, and he had to hire a contractor to modify the desk for the dimensions of his room. And I admit, the dual monitor setup with the Mac Pro is a powerful and amazing combination.

Maybe one day (since I do find it inspiring) I’ll set up a similar workstation, but for now I’m happy with my simple setup.



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