Analysis: Miley Cyrus – “Party In The USA” (Metal Version)

This performance of Miley Cyrus’s “Party In The USA”, taped LIVE from the Teen Choice Awards in 2009, has been on my mind recently. Actually, the melody to this song is so catchy that I find myself humming it throughout the day!

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Miley Cyrus “Party In The USA” Live at the Teen Choice Awards

Now above is the original performance of Miley Cyrus, BUT… the version I enjoy much better than this is the “re-worked” version by Andy Rehfeldt, an L.A. musician/composer who took Miley Cyrus’s vocal track to the original performance and substituted the backing musical performance with a “metal version”, as you can check out below:

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Miley Cyrus – Party In The USA (metal version)

At first, I found this “re-worked” version hilarious! To add a “metal” arrangement to this is pretty downright creative and ingenious. The heavy metal guitar work and double-bass drum grooves (at times kicking double time) is pretty amazing stuff!

Original Studio Recording Is Great, But…

The really good thing is that the sound quality of the re-recorded metal accompaniment is excellent and an improvement over the original LIVE recording. I even like it better than Miley Cyrus’s original studio version. And to me, it sort of gives new life to the song!

Here’s the original studio recording/video below, so you can see what I mean:

Well, embedding is disabled for the official video, but here’s the link:

Thanks, Andy. I like the metal version better!

About Andy Rehfeldt:

I am a musician/composer in Los Angeles. My main instrument is guitar. I never became a rockstar, but thanks to Youtube, I have an audience. Although, I am not making any money from this, it’s a great way to stay creative. I am available for gigs and studio work.

Another great video by Andy Rehfeldt is the Metallica song, “Enter Sandman”… Smooth Jazz Version. HILARIOUS!!!

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Metallica – Enter Sandman (Smooth Jazz Version)



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