Analyzing the Arguments Against a Vegan Lifestyle

In this article, I wanted to cover some key points Non-Vegans are making against a Vegan Diet. Of course, Non-Vegans are making these arguments against Veganism in support of a meat eating lifestyle with their reasons that humans need to eat meat: 1) to get enough protein 2) because meat has the required nutrients for humans to survive.

So, with this in mind, let’s take a look at these key points that criticize Veganism.

Not Enough Protein

Non-Vegan Argument: You can’t get enough protein on a Vegan Diet.

This statement is false, and simply makes me wonder if this rumor has been perpetuated by the multi-billion dollar Meat Industry, or just by meat eaters who simply want to justify their continued habit of eating meat.

Let’s take a look at my Protein Intake from earlier this month, by studying the protein stats on Cron-o-meter.

Protein 2015-07-09

It’s apparent that, on a 100% Vegan Diet, I was able to get adequate amounts of Protein, and I actually got more than enough Protein and Essential Amino Acids.

So, the idea that you can’t get enough Protein and Essential Amino Acids utterly FALSE!

The truth is, ALL foods have protein in varying amounts, and eating a wide variety of plant foods will give you enough protein, along with all the vitamins and minerals (and phytonutrients) that go along with it.

B-12 Intake

Non-Vegan Argument: Your body needs B-12, which can only be found in animal foods.

This is another rumor that has been going around the Internet and it is also false. And being that there aren’t enough Vegans in America compared to the overwhelming population that is overweight and eating a predominantly meat-based diet, why is there suddenly this so-called research that Vegans will lose B-12?

Let’s take a look at my Vitamin Intake from another recent day, once again using Cron-o-meter.

Vitamins - July 7, 2015

As you can see, my B-12 intake was 500% above the minimum required intake of B-12!

And below is another random day in which my B-12 intake “went through the roof”! At 1042% above the recommended minimum! Does this show that I’m getting enough B-12 in my diet? Hell yes!


Vegans Are Weak and Lack Endurance and Stamina

A lot of meat eaters (who incidentally, are ignorant of what a Vegan Lifestyle is all about) will simply say that a Vegan Diet will make you weak because of all the so-called “rabbit food” a Vegan is eating.

Well, all I have to say to that is, talk to ultra marathoner Scott Jurek, who’s won numerous races that were more than 100+ miles! And recently, he ran the Appalachian Trail in breaking the record for the fastest time.

Yes, he is a longtime Vegan athlete.

He doesn’t appear weak to me. His endurance and stamina is phenomenal and legendary.

So, it’s apparent that people can excel on a Vegan Diet.

You Can’t Build Muscle on a Vegan Diet

Well, Gorillas are naturally Vegan!

That said, let’s look at some professional body builders who ARE Vegan.

Yes, if I can prove that I can get enough protein from a Vegan Diet, then it’s obvious that people can Body Build on a Vegan Diet.

Meat Eaters Defending Their Lifestyle

So, how can Non-Vegans (who know nothing about a Vegan Diet other than that fact that it doesn’t include animal foods) criticize the Vegan Lifestyle for not being healthy and lacking nutrients like B-12, Protein and Essential Amino Acids?

It’s obvious.

They are defending their meat eating lifestyle, even though there risks have been scientifically proven that meat eating can lead to Coronary Heart Disease, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Stroke and various types of Cancers, especially Colo-Rectal Cancer.

Meat Consumption and Chronic Diseases

Coronary Heart Disease has been directly related to the consumption of Red Meat. Colon Cancer too, has been linked to the consumption of Red Meat.

Another thing to consider for people who regularly eat animals. Millions of these poor creatures live in horrific living conditions where disease can run rampant and they literally live in their own feces! There are at least half a dozen antibiotics there are given to these animals, and thus they get transferred to our bodies when we eat them.

Let’s not forget the fact that all sorts of hormones are pumped into these animals to make them plump and fat.

If you are going to eat animals, you’d have to buy the free range, grass fed animals, because you also don’t know what these animals have been fed. I’ve read that Cows for instance have been fed chicken meat, and they are fed a lot of corn and other things that are cheaper food but aren’t the ideal food for these animals. It’s been noted that many of these animals end up eating their own feces.

If anything, you’d have to buy the best quality meats at places like Whole Foods Market, but people won’t do that because it’s too expensive. And let’s not even go there when it comes to the meats served in restaurants. Who knows where that meat is coming from!

If you are eating meat and animal products, and knowing now that you can get adequate amounts of protein and nutrients from a plant-based diet, then you’re only eating meat for the taste and the habit of having eaten meat all this time.

Somehow, animal foods are highly addictive, and most people overeat them. Obesity is one of the biggest epidemics in America!

Of course, the Meat Industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, and they constantly bombard us with propaganda that we need to eat animal foods for our health, when the exact opposite is true. And the Health Industry doesn’t mind this either because if you get sick from eating a meat-based diet, you just have to take the medications needed to counteract that.


Now that’s some food for thought!



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