Analyzing Yesterday’s Cron-o-meter Results on Vegan Diet

Analyzing Yesterday’s Cron-o-meter Results on Vegan Diet

Every once-in-a-while, I post my results to let people (and myself) know just how I’m doing on a vegan diet by posting my Cron-o-meter results.

Cron-o-meter helps me stay on track with my vegan diet, letting me know if I’m eating too many calories or if I need to exercise and be more active.

For me, Cron-o-meter is a life-saver, and I wish everyone used this, as it’s accurate and you’ll know exactly what kinds of nutrients are going into your body by inputing all the food you eat in a day. By separating your day into meals, you can better keep track of your nutrient intake for each meal. In my case, I’ve set up Cron-o-meter into 5 meals per day. And I created an activities section to keep track of the calories expended based on activity.

This all seems rather time-consuming but our health is most important, so I can rationalize that it’s worth the extra time and effort. The results are very enlightening and can teach one to avoid certain foods and tailor one’s diet towards a positive goal.

My Results for Yesterday, Saturday, July 8, 2017

Caloric Summary

I try to make sure I’m burning more calories than I’m consuming, and yesterday was a more successful day. I went overboard just slightly with my carb intake.


Vitamin Intake

Vitamins are the easiest to achieve. I always have an easy time getting enough vitamins.


Mineral Intake

Once again, minerals are tough, but yesterday I was able to achieve more than 100% in everything, but I have to watch the sodium intake. But, as long as the potassium/sodium balance is within range then we’re okay. See below…


Protein Intake

Even though my protein intake was less than 100%, my amino acids intake was over the charts in all cases, so I’m not too concerned with protein if amino acids are satisfied.


Fat and Lipid Intake

I went overboard with monosaturated fats, but yesterday was Saturday and I was dining out and it’s just harder to keep track of fats during the weekends.




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